Review of Cat's Meow Cat Toy

An Interactive Toy for Cats

Photo of Cat's Meow Box
Cat's Meow Box. photo © Franny Syufy

It's usually a good idea to carefully examine those "As Seen on T.V." product offers, as some of them really are scams. And the fact is that Cat's Meow could have fallen into that category. After all, it does carry the "As Seen on TV" imprint on the box! But the fact is that the toy really is a lot of fun -- a great gift for that special cat in your life. There are, however, a few caveats.

Description: Cat's Meow Cat Toy

The Cat's Meow Cat Toy is designed to give cats a chance to exercise their hunting instincts without actually bringing home tiny mouse corpses.

It's made up of three parts:

  • A motor powered by three C batteries
  • A wand onto which the "mouse" is attached
  • A nylon cover which hide the apparatus from your cat

When you turn on the toy, the wand moves the mouse around. The toy is designed for random movements, so the mouse might move forward or backward. A switch allows you to select the speed at which the mouse moves. From a cat's-eye view, a tiny mouse is scurrying around the floor following an unpredictable route.

As any cat lover knows, there is nothing more enticing to a cat than an object that scurries along unpredictably -- which means that Cat's Meow is an instant hit with most cats.

Putting the Toy Together

To put the toy together, you'll need a small Phillips head screwdriver. Three C batteries (of course) are not included in the package. Assembling the toy is fairly easy:

  1. Open the battery cover from the base, using the Phillips head screwdriver
  1. Insert the three C batteries, lining them up with the positive and negative polls facing correctly.
  2. Following the drawing, insert the wand into the base
  3. Place the cover over the base
  4. Place the cap onto the base
  5. Turn the cap clockwise until it locks. 

Product Pros and Cons

Why buy this toy? Here are a few of the pros:

  • Cats love Cat's Meow. There are few kitties that aren't instantly intrigued, and some can spend hours "hunting" the mouse.
  • It's easy to assemble and use.
  • The price isn't cheap -- but then again, it's far from outrageous.
  • It's a great way to keep indoor cats engaged and at least moderately active.
  • It can keep more than one cat engaged at a time.

While there are plenty of pros there are, however, nearly as many cons. That's because:

  • This toy uses battery power like it's going out of style. If your cats really enjoy playing with it, you'll have to invest in a large collection of rather expensive C batteries (unless you happen to have a battery recharger).
  • Cat's Meow is built so simply (and cheaply) that a smart cat can literally disassemble it. One test cat was able to take the entire gadget apart in minutes, which another figured out how to turn the game on and off.
  • The motor and parts are not built for hard play or extensive use. Many users complain that the battery died within a few weeks, that the cats quickly ripped the nylon cover to shreds, or that the toy literally fell apart.
  • Cats do get bored of Cat's Meow. This is a relatively minor con, though, as cats will get bored of anything that operates in exactly the same way over and over again.

    The Bottom Line

    Cat's Meow is an entertaining and safe game, suitable even for play by home-alone cats. Cats love it, and it's easy to put together and use. Don't expect it to hold up to long hours of play -- and do expect to need new batteries on a regular basis!