CD Crafts

How to Make Crafts Using CDs

Let's craft with a compact disc. I have a drawer full of these, what would you make out of them? Your project can use one or more CDs. Your project should be original and creative. Browse through these projects and then get crafting!

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    3-D CD Sun Catcher

    3-D CD Sun Catcher Craft
    3-D CD Sun Catcher.

    Learn how to use a half dozen CDs to create an amazing sun catcher. Make several to hang in your garden, and they will help keep deer away.

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    CD Alien Spaceship

    CD Alien Spaceship Craft
    CD Alien Spaceship Craft.

    This cute alien will happily man the spaceship you create out of two CDs.

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    CD Daisy Puppet

    CD Daisy Puppet
    CD Daisy Puppet.

    Use a CD as the center of this flower puppet. Glue the CD to a paper plate that is cut to look like petals, and then attach them both to a sock.

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    CD Fish Craft
    CD Fish Craft.

    This fish made out of a couple of CDs is one of the most popular crafts on this site. I hope you enjoy it too.

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    CD Flash Dancers

    A visitor named Roaney Giles shares these directions for making a fancy CD decoration.

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    CD Flower

    CD Flower Craft
    CD Flower.

    Grab a handful of CDs and learn how to make these fun flowers using these suggestions shared by Allie.

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    CD Panda Craft
    CD Panda Craft.

    Learn how to craft a panda using a CD, some felt, a few pom-poms, and dimensional paint.

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    CD Photo Ornament

    CD Photo Ornament.

    Follow these instructions, and you can create a shiny ornament that frames one of your favorite photos.

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    CD Space Ship Craft
    CD Space Ship Craft.

    A visitor named Kathryn created this project using 2 CDs, a plastic egg, a mini touch light, and a few other supplies.

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    CD Sun Catcher Craft
    CD Sun Catcher Craft. Sherri Osborn

    This project sheet teaches you how to craft a sun catcher using CDs, bead, and wire.

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    How to Make Bowls Using CDs
    How to Make Bowls Using CDs. Sherri Osborn

    Learn how to experiment with melting CDs so they end up looking like little bowls.

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    Jack-O-Lantern or Pumpkin CD

    Jack-O-Lantern or Pumpkin CD Craft
    Jack-O-Lantern or Pumpkin CD.

    Decorate a CD, so it looks like a happy jack-o-lantern using these suggestions shared by Kathy.

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    Mikaela's CD Angel

    Mikaela's CD Angel Craft
    Mikaela's CD Angel Craft. Submitted by Mikaela H. Bordeos

    This heavenly angel would make a cute ornament, or you can hang it in your room to be a guardian angel.

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    Stained Glass CD Coasters

    Stained Glass CD Coasters
    Stained Glass CD Coasters.

    Follow these instructions, and you can craft beautiful coasters out of old CDs and glass paint.