Ceiling Fans in the Kitchen - Yay or Nay?

So, I am a fan of the ceiling fan (pun one hundred percent intended)!  In all seriousness I am a huge proponent of ceiling fans, in fact I sleep underneath one (going on full blast) every night. While ceiling fans are often seen and utilized throughout the house, the kitchen is not typically a space you see them incorporated. The concept is not completely unheard of but it is definitely not known as one of the chicest ceiling fixture option trending today. With that being said should it be?...MORE Think about it, ceiling fans instantly cool off a space and what room in the house gets hotter than the kitchen? Not only is cooking a process that can generate heat and steam, but think of all the bodies that gather in the kitchen on a regular basis bringing with them additional heat. 

As much as I think most people would agree with this argument the concern is certainly "would form be completely compromised for function in most kitchens if ceiling fans were installed on the regular?" To that question I would say - maybe. However, I do believe there are certain kitchens with unique characteristics that would be perfect candidates for a ceiling fan in the kitchen. Let's explore...

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    High Ceilings

    Myparadissi.com via Pinterest

    Kitchens with high ceilings can easily accept a ceiling fan or two. The issue with any lighting in the kitchen, especially large fixtures like a ceiling fan, is the fear of the fixture blocking other main attractions in the space like a focal hood or statement backsplash, but in kitchens with high ceilings this is never an issue. Ceiling fans can be installed feet above the main action down below, allowing cool air to spin, and beautiful views to remain unobstructed. 

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    Kitchens with Architectural Interest & Detail on the Ceiling

    archdaily.com via Pinterest

    Kitchens with high ceilings accompanied by architectural interest equals a dynamite location for a ceiling fan. In this kitchen the two ceiling fans are just kind of there. They neither accentuate nor distract from the overall beauty of the space. Again, because the ceiling is so tall, the lights are not blocking any features highlighted down below, but instead the fixtures add an element function to  space already full of beauty and interest. 

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    Place the Ceiling Fan Right Outside of the Kitchen

    theinspiredroom.net via Pinterest

    If your ceilings are not especially tall, but a ceiling fan still appeals  to you, consider placing the ceiling fan outside of the kitchen proper. In my opinion the kitchen proper refers to the area of the kitchen occupied by cabinetry. In this kitchen the ceiling fan was placed in front of the door leading to the outside, which sits just beyond the cabinets in the space. This location works nicely for a ceiling fan because it allows the pendant lights in the space to remain front and center,...MORE while the ceiling fan is still close enough, that the benefits it brings (air circulation and cool breezes) can be felt for those spending time within the kitchen.  

    Design can be a tricky and confusing animal, but always remember great spaces incorporate both form and function. It is easy to get on board with pretty additions to the kitchen like countertops, paint, barstools, etc.., but be open minded if and when the conversation regarding elements like a ceiling fan are brought to the table. It doesn't hurt to consider your options before completely disregarding an element that can really make your space more comfortable.