29 Stylish Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas

Customize Each Room with Unique Wallpaper Treatments

Decroated living spce with wooden furniture and white and gray patterned ceiling wallpaper

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

These days many modern wallpapers are not only greener than ever but they are also a snap to install and remove. Wallpapers are available in three basic types: pre-pasted, paste-the-wall, and peel-and-stick.

  • Pre-pasted wallpaper has an adhesive backing. You will need a damp sponge to activate the glue.
  • Paste the wall wallpaper, as the name implies, is installed by applying glue to the wall and not the paper. Many people prefer this method because the wet paste makes it easy to slide the wallpaper into its final position. 
  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper is reusable. To install, remove the paper's backing one foot at a time as you smooth the wallpaper into place. Remember to save the wallpaper's backing if you plan on reusing the wallpaper.

To remove all three types of wallpaper, just dampen a corner with water and slowly peel off.

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    Custom Peel and Stick Wallpaper

    custom patterned wallpaper on the ceiling

    In this 275 square foot New York City apartment spotted on 6sqft, there is a ceiling covered in custom peel and stick wallpaper. Custom wallpaper can include any design, even one you create yourself, and it can be ordered online. Two of the best sites for custom, on-demand wallpaper are Spoonflower and Detroit Wallpaper. You will need to create a repeating pattern in a TIF, JPG, PNG, or GIF format.

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    Best Wallpaper for Bathrooms

    Walpapered bathroom ceiling Jenny Wolf Interiors

    Jenny Wolf Interiors based in New York gave this white bathroom some star power with a ceiling covered in Coronata Star wallpaper by Osborne and Little. The best wallpaper for wet spaces should be highly water resistant.

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    Interstellar Wallpaper on the Ceiling

    Black marble wallpapered ceiling Mr. Kate

    When the charming duo behind Mr. Kate purchased their first home, the first order of business was fixing up the old dining room.

    They consider their new dining room ceiling a chic work of art thanks to an interstellar wallpaper pattern by Calico called Lunaris II. Moonscape photography by NASA inspired the wallpaper's out this world design.

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    Wallpaper a Recessed Ceiling

    Gold branch pattern wallpaper on ceiling Elizabeth Gordon Studio

    Elizabeth Gordon Studio, an architectural interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California, gave a recessed detail in this ceiling some pizazz with metallic wallpaper. The frosting on this proverbial cupcake is the gold Flame Flushmount light fixture by Global Views.

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    Entryway Ceiling With Moroccan Print Wallpaper

    Wallpapered entryway ceiling In Site Designs

    Who needs a fancy foyer when you can have a hardworking mudroom that is incredibly stylish. This space by In Site Designs based in Greenville, South Carolina features a ceiling covered with metallic, Moroccan print wallpaper and the Star Pendant Chandelier by Griege Design.

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    Floral Wallpaper Adds Drama to a Dining Room Ceiling

    Dning room ceiling Laura U Interior Design

    The design team at Laura U Interior Design based in Houston, Texas love sprucing up ceilings with wallpaper. In this dining room, they recently designed an eye-catching floral wallpaper to lend drama.

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    Add Personality With Whimsical Wallpaper

    Heart-patterned wallpaper ceiling Fletcher Rhodes Interior Design

    The best custom spaces for teens let their personalities shine. One of our favorite examples is this teenage bedroom by Fletcher Rhodes Interior Design based in Sonoma California. On the ceiling is a whimsical heart-patterned wallpaper that adds a big dose of adorable character.

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    Blue Kitchen With Ceiling Wallpaper

    Black and white star wallpaper in butler's pantry Archer Buchanan Architecture

    White kitchens are here to stay, but blue kitchens also have enduring style. Archer Buchanan Architecture based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania takes things to the next level in this blue butler's pantry. The star-patterned wallpaper on the ceiling is by Osborne and Little. This particular wallpaper is washable, making it perfect for kitchens and other hardworking spaces.

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    Attic Bedroom Covered With Wallpaper

    Black and white wallpaper surround in Brooklyn townhouse Jenny Wolf Interiors

    You can make a cramped room feel more spacious by installing the right wallpaper. Jenny Wolf Interiors did just that in this attic bedroom. Covering all five walls in the same wallpaper pattern creates the illusion of height.

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    Coastal Kitchen With Wallpaper Ceiling

    DIY lighting and wallpaper on the ceiling Brian Patrick Flynn

    There are a few smart decorating tricks worth mentioning in this chic kitchen by interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn based in Los Angeles. The pendant lights are bushel baskets repurposed as shades. The electrical cords for the fixtures are wrapped in rope for a chic coastal look. The wallpapered ceiling brings pattern and contrasting color.

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    New York City Nursery With Ceiling Wallpaper

    Upper East Side nursery with wallpaper on the ceiling Amy Elbaum Designs

    Spice up a white room with this idea by Amy Elbaum Designs based in New York City.  The patterned wallpaper on the ceiling adds visual interest to the neutral nursery.

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    Combing Wallpaper Patterns

    Powder room with contrast wallpapers Mayme Baker Studio

    The interior design firm Mayme Baker Studio, based in Greenville, South Carolina combines two different patterned wallpapers featuring various shades of violet to create a statement-making powder room.

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    Fake a Rustic Wood Ceiling With Wallpaper

    Rustic wood wallpapered ceiling My Design Dump

    Fake the look of a reclaimed wood ceiling with eco-friendly wallpaper. Autumn Clemons is the Utah-based interior designer behind My Design Dump. She created this space for a client with a shoestring budget; most of the décor came from big box stores including Home Depot and Target. The whitewashed wood wallpaper on the ceiling is by Sure Strip. The vinyl free wallcovering is made with water-based inks.

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    How to Fake a Wallpaper Ceiling

    Faux wallpaper stenciled ceiling Kristen F. Davis Designs

    Not everyone can afford to wallpaper a ceiling. This idea by Kristen F. Davis Designs based in Atlanta, Georgia shares how to fake it with a stencil and paint. 

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    This Living Room Was Inspired by David Bowie

    Wallpaper ceiling, David Bowie print Greg Natale Interior Design

    The owners of this contemporary townhouse wanted a modern space that put their art collection front and center. The Greg Natale Design Studio based in Australia designed this living room around the David Bowie print over the sofa. The gold zigzag wallpaper on the ceiling ties into the pink and blue thunderbolt.

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    Ceiling Wallpaper Shows Off a Light Fixture

    Graphic wallpaper on ceiling Kelly Deck Interior Design

    Kelly Deck Design created this contemporary home office for a fashion-forward client. The patterned wallpaper on the ceiling beautifully frames the Sputnik chandelier by Jonathan Adler.

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    Butterfly Wallpaper on Ceiling

    Colorful wallpaper on dining room ceiling Homepolish

    Katherine Carter, an interior designer based in Los Angeles, transformed the dining room in this 1921 Tudor Revival with colorful wallpaper. The pattern features hundreds of butterflies that contrast beautifully with the marble dining table.

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    Modernist Inspired Dining Room With Traditional Wallpaper

    Wallpaper in modernist dining room Hacin Interior Design

    This modernist inspired dining room by Hacin and Associates based in Boston, Massachusetts combines wallpaper in a traditional pattern with stunning walnut and brass chairs, and a sleek, white dining table. The patterned wall paneling adds a second layer of visual interest.

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    Bold Black and White Wallpaper on the Ceiling

    Black and white wallpaper on the ceiling Crystal Sinclair Interior Design

    Patterned wallpaper on the ceiling adds character to spaces that lack architectural details such as crown molding. In this nursery by Crystal Sinclair Interior Design based in San Antonio, Texas, bold black and white wallpaper punches up the look of an otherwise ordinary space.

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    Spoon Wallpaper on the Ceiling

    Spoon wallpaper A Storied Style

    Grace Mitchell, from the blog A Storied Style, created this space in her home dubbed the spoon room. The small nook is a hallway between her kitchen and dining room. On the four walls are actual spoons. She picked them all up at a local garage sale for $10, and many of them turned out to be silver! On the ceiling is a retro-inspired wallpaper by Studio Ditte called Teaspoons. The pattern is an Anthropology exclusive.

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    Colorful Child's Room With Speckled Wallpaper

    Blue speckled wallpaper on ceiling Bella Mancini Design

    This fun child's bedroom in a Brooklyn townhouse was designed by Bella Mancini Design based in New York City. On the ceiling is royal blue speckle wallpaper by Chasing Paper.

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    Angled Ceiling With Wallpaper

    Wallpaper on slanted wall Brownstoner

    Show an angled ceiling some love with wallpaper. In this Brooklyn, New York townhouse by CWB Architects, a small attic gets a new life as a bedroom. Wallpaper in a pattern called Woods by Cole and Sons was installed just on the angled portions of the ceiling.

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    Wallpaper Decals on Ceiling

    Wall decals on ceiling Lindye Galloway Interiors

    If wallpapering an entire ceiling sounds like hard work, there's an easy solution by Lindye Galloway Interiors based in Orange County, California. Here the design team added a little glitz to an attic bedroom with gold wall decals. The round, peel and stick decals are much easier to install than long sheets of wallpaper. You will find stickers like these on Etsy. 

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    Geometric Pattern Wallpaper in Bathroom

    Wallpaper ceiling in small bathroom Malcolm Duffin Interior Design

    Malcolm Duffin Interior Design based in Scotland perked up this tiny white bathroom with colorful wallpaper by Cole and Son. Called Circus, the wallpaper features a striking harlequin pattern.

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    Textured Ceiling Wallpaper

    Textured ceiling wallpaper Rethink Design Studio

    Rethink Design Studio based in Savannah, Georgia gave this century-old townhouse a modern edge. On the living room ceiling is a textured wallpaper in charcoal gray. It brings a little pattern to the large room without upstaging the rest of the décor.

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    Wallpaper in a Hand-Designed Pattern

    Hand-drawn wallpaper James Dawson Interior Design

    James Dawson Interior Design based in Australia created the layout for the bold wallpaper over the kitchen area. First, the pattern was hand drawn on to the ceiling. Afterward, the wallpaper was cut into the same shapes and hung on the "fifth wall."

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    Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

    Modern farmhouse girls room House of Jade Interiors

    A wallpapered ceiling can give a bedroom a soothing vibe. A pitch-perfect example is this lovely modern farmhouse-inspired space by House of Jade Interiors based in Utah. The bird-patterned wallpaper called Ocean Flight in Overcast by Willow Lane Textiles sets the calm tone.

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    Black Floral Wallpaper on Office Ceiling

    Home office black floral wallpaper ceiling Steele Street Studios

    Add drama to a room with large-scale floral wallpaper. In this home office by Steele Street Studio based in Orlando, Florida, wallpaper called Dark Floral by Ellie takes things to a chic, new level. Paintings from the Dutch Golden Age inspired the dramatic pattern.

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    Colorful Kitchen With Striking Wallpaper

    Wallpaper ceiling in kitchen Janet Gridley Interior Design

    This colorful kitchen was designed by Janet Gridley Interior Design based in Dallas, Texas. On the ceiling is a striking pink geometric patterned wallpaper. The floor features a custom paint job. Four clear, polycarbonate chairs surround the tulip table by Knoll. The yellow kitchen range is by Bertazzoni.

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