Celebrate National Craft Month

Learn a New Craft to Celebrate National Craft Month

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What a terrific reason to celebrate! For those of us who love to craft, vow to try a new crafting technique during National Craft Month; or perhaps you can teach someone how to do your favorite craft. I think National Craft Month can also be the perfect excuse to pull all those half-finished projects out of their hiding places and get them done.

For those who don't make crafts, what better reason to start crafting?

Crafting has many benefits; it can help reduce stress, bring families closer together, and you can learn new skills also!

Not sure what craft to try? Here are some creative ideas that might help:

  • How to Collage - Find out how to make a collage and explore several inspirational collage projects you can create yourself.
  • - Make your world a little brighter by making these candles and candle holders and by learning more about candle making.
  • - Here’s a stress-free introduction to crocheting. If you've never crocheted before, this information will help you get started.
  • - From casting on, knitting, purl and binding off to the basic tools and patterns for your first project, here's all the information new knitters need to be a success.
  • How to Decoupage - Learn how to decoupage. Here are basic decoupage techniques, supply lists, and easy projects you can do.
  • Learn How to Emboss - Embossing is a technique which creates a raised or 3-dimensional image on a piece of paper. There are two ways to emboss: dry embossing and heat embossing.
  • Learn How to Felt - Learn how to felt your wool projects, and learn more about what felting is.
  • How To Do Glass Etching - Learn more about how to make your own etched glass masterpieces!
  • - Find out how everyone, regardless of age or ability, can have fun making their own jewelry. Check out the free jewelry making projects and directions.
  • - Looking for a fun project to do with your kids? Try making decorative paper at home with flower petals and bits of recyclable paper. This video will teach you how.
  • - Follow the steps in these photo tutorials to learn the basic skills used in Cross Stitch embroidery. Information is provided in each lesson about the supplies needed.
  • - Get creative with painting! Find out how you can use a variety of objects to paint with and discover recipes to make your own paint.
  • How to Paper Mache - Try your hand at paper mache. A great craft for everyone. Find recipes, project ideas, and helpful hints.
  • Creative Printmaking with Kids - Find out how you can use printmaking techniques to create pictures, t-shirts, wrapping paper, and more.
  • - You have photos, now what do you do with them? Getting started scrapbooking can be the hardest part. Here you will find information about albums, archival safety, and basic techniques for the beginning scrapbooker.
  • - Find out how to make a simple loom and learn how to weave.
  • How to Make Beaded Safety Pins - Easy to follow directions and many free patterns for making your own beaded safety pins.
  • Learn How to Press and Dry Your Flowers - Learn how to save your colorful flowers by drying or pressing them. Great for crafts, decorations, and gifts!
  • How to Make a Coloring Book - Discover hundreds of free coloring pages, learn how to successfully print out those pages, and even how to assemble your own coloring books.
  • How to Make Garden Stepping Stones - Learn how to make garden stepping stones. Here are basic techniques, a supply list, tips and hints, and even great pictures to help you make your own personalized garden stepping stones.
  • Altered Art - Are you saying to yourself, what in the heck is altered art? In the simplest terms, it is a recycling craft! More precisely, it is the art of taking an ordinary household object, sometimes an unwanted object, and decorating and embellishing it to create a work of art.
  • - There are not many kids or even adults who can resist the allure of beads. Learn more about beads and beading.
  • Basic Applique - Learn how easy it is to applique with these basic applique directions.
  • How to Make Green Crafts - Learn how you can creatively recycle baby food jars, paper bags, orphaned socks, and several other items. Enjoy this ever-growing list of great ideas for using the things you might normally throw away to create great craft projects, games, and more.

  • How to Make Your Own Craft Supplies - Not only will making your own craft supplies save you some money, it will give you more time to spend together as a family being creative rather than shopping.
  • How to Tie-Dye - Learn how to tie-dye! Here are basic tie-dye techniques, supply lists, and easy projects you can do.
  • Learn How to Sew - Check out all of these easy sewing projects. Perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to sew.
  • - Making a quilt isn't difficult, and you'll be happy with your very first quilting project when you work through the techniques one step at a time.

Check around your town. Some craft stores may be having special sales, classes, demonstrations, or other events in honor of National Craft Month. If they aren't, perhaps you can encourage them to do something.

Whether you are an individual or a business, if you are doing something special to celebrate National Craft Month, please let us know!

National Craft Month is sponsored by CHA (Craft and Hobby Association), a non-profit trade organization consisting of over 4,000 member companies engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of craft and hobby products.