How to Have a Green Mother’s Day

How to Have a Green Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to think about how to show our moms we care. But while we’d all love to pull out the all the stops for our moms, doing this in an eco-friendly way can be especially challenging – celebrations of any kind tend to produce a lot of waste. Think of post-Thanksgiving leftovers, piles of Easter grass, and all of that wrapping paper thrown away after Christmas.

But don’t worry: we’ve put together some eco-friendly ideas to help you to show your mom some love without all of the waste. From sending heartfelt mother’s day messages in homemade cards to smarter, more environmentally friendly gift wrap ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Start by Making Your Own Cards

Whatever you do for Mother’s Day, the simple most important thing is to tell her how much you care. That’s why a sincere Mother’s Day message in a card is probably the most meaningful thing you can do.

And if that card is homemade, it's just that much better – your mom will appreciate the time you took to make something unique, from the heart, and you can do your bit for the planet at the same time. There’s also something pretty satisfying about upcycling the things you don’t want into something beautiful.

Here Are Some Easy Tips

  • If you have some blank, good quality cardstock lying around (perhaps from a previous craft project?) use that to make your card. If not, old cards, thick magazine covers, and (clean) cardboard food packaging are also perfectly great options.
  • Once you have your card cut down to a suitable size, it’s time to get creative! You can choose to paint, create a collage, use fabric coverings, stickers, or all of the above to help you create a beautiful canvas for your mother’s day messages.
  • As for the design – don’t worry if you’re not a fabulous artist (honestly, your mom already knows this but she's going to LOVE it anyway!). Try cutting and pasting scraps of material, wrapping paper, or images and patterns from newspapers and magazines. A collage of flowers might feel a bit traditional but you can always go bold with some of their favorite things - cats, ocean scenes, attractive fellows (hey now, don't judge mom!), and more.
  • None of that to hand? How about printing off some family photos? Use a couple of your favorite snapshots of your mom, you, or your siblings to cover the cardboard and you’ll have a unique, meaningful card to write your mother’s day messages in.

Next Up: Greener Gift Wrap

So you’ve got the card sorted (way to go!), and your gift is all picked out. Short of reusing your old wrapping paper (not always a good look), how can you wrap your gifts in an eco-friendly way?

Here are a few options that we think mom will love:

  • Recycle old cardboard or paper into a pretty gift container. Head to Pinterest, search, download, and print off some templates! Use them to turn unwanted cardboard or paper into a neat gift box or bag tailor made for your gift. Just remember to measure your gift before you get cutting!
  • A fabric wrap can have many uses. One of the most beautiful wrapping styles is known as Furoshiki, a Japanese style wrapping cloth that can be used to wrap everything from gifts to... well anything. Consider wrapping your mom’s present up in something she can reuse, like a beautiful scarf or lovely handkerchief. That way, the wrapping is an extra gift in itself – one that will last far longer than paper — and we're betting the impression will too! You can find a plethora of how-tos on Pinterest, or if you need a more visual approach, YouTube is a great source of video tutorials.
  • Use paper mache to make a small gift box. Paper mache is a great way to turn old newspapers into… well, pretty much anything you like. It’s perfect for making small gift boxes for things like jewelry. Have fun and get creative! You can even blend wildflower seeds into the pulp to leave mom with a plantable box that will lead to joy for years to come (major eco-friendly bonus points for choosing flowers that will help the bees!)

There are lots of fun things you can do to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day, and none of them have to cost the earth. Get creative, and think about what your mom would really appreciate. Whatever you do, she’ll love it. She’s your mom, after all!