How to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

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    How to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

    Celebrating Earth Day with Kids

    There are so many ways that your family can help take care of our Earth.  Earth day can be every day!  Here are a few ideas that you can start with.  

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    Take a Nature Walk

    Nature Walk

    Take a nature walk as a family.  Talk about the Earth and how it is important for us to take care of Earth, not only for ourselves but for future generations.  Ask you kids how they think that they could make a difference, you may be surprised at their ideas.   Have them bring their nature journals along.  

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    Organize a Clean Up

    Gather friends and family and choose an area to clean up.  Be sure to bring plenty of garbage bags, recycling bins, and gloves.  Lakes are great places to start with this.  Maybe turn it into a monthly activity.  

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    Plant Something

    One of the best ways to give back to our Earth is to plant new life.  Trees, flowers, a garden!  All of it is beneficial to Earth as well as yourself!  Maybe plan out a butterfly garden.  

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    Encourage recycling in your home.  Many craft materials can be snagged from the recycling bins as well.  

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    Help Wildlife and Insects

    Creating habitats for animals is another way that you help the Earth.  You could help birds build nests by supplying nesting materials.  You could start a worm farm or you could hatch ladybugs!  These are all easy ways that you can help nature and our Earth.  This is just a short list of ideas.  There are so many more ideas.