Celebrating May Day With Crafts

How to Make May Day Crafts

May basket
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Learn more about May Day and find out how you can surprise your neighbor with a special, homemade May Day basket and other craft projects.

May Day (May 1st) is celebrated in many places around the world. The traditions and stories surrounding May Day vary from place to place. There is, however, one thing that is similar in most celebrations - the use of flowers!

One of the most popularly known May Day traditions is to hang a basket full of spring flowers and/or other small gifts on a neighbor's doorknob.

The trick is you don't want the neighbor to see you! If you get caught, you are supposed to get a kiss.

      Make a May Day Cone Basket
      or a Mini May Day Basket

A popular activity on May Day is to decorate a pole with brightly colored ribbon or paper streamers. Some also add flowers and balloons. The pole is usually carried in a parade and then placed ​in the ground at a designated area. People then dance around the May pole holding the ends of the streamers or ribbon in their hands.

      Make your own Tabletop May Pole

In London, May Day is celebrated with the children going from house to house. They bring flowers and get pennies in return. The pennies are then thrown into a wishing well. The pennies are then donated to charity.

      Make your own Wishing Well

In France, cows play an important role in May Day. The cows are led in parades with many flowers attached to their tails. The people watching the parade try to touch the cows; it is believed to be good luck.

      Make a Cow Puppet
        (Add a flower to its tail and put on a parade!)

In Germany, one tradition is for boys to secretly plant a May tree in front of the window of the girl they love.

      Make a May Tree

On May 1st, people in Hawaii celebrate their own version of May Day; they call it Lei Day.

People give Hawaiian leis to each other. They put them around each other's necks and sometimes give a traditional kiss.

      Make a Hawaiian Lei