Celebrating Valentine's Day Is As Easy As Pie

Here's how to celebrate with your cutie pie with the stress

Celebrating Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day ideas don't have to be complicated to get the point across that you care for someone. In fact, the simplest ideas for Valentine's Day have been the same for generations: keep the kids occupied, plan ahead and enjoy the love for the day!

Follow these Valentine's Day ideas for a fun, romantic, and loved-filled celebration with your cutie pies.

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    valentines day ideas
    Talk about Valentine's Day's History. Getty Images/Stockbyte

    Talk is cheap and in fact it's free! Start your Valentine's Day celebration by sharing some fun facts about the holiday. The origins of Valentine's Day stretch back over 1500 years, but it's how we live today that stuns me: thousands of confectionery stores and nearly 35 pounds of candy consumed per person each year.

    These fun facts can be the basis of a trivia game for your children, or merely the spark of a conversation when you're facing your husband across the dinner table...MORE and are forbidden to talk shop on this romantic evening..

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    Celebrating Valentine's Day on the cheap
    You don't have to break the piggy bank to say I Love You!. Getty Images/Christopher Robbins

    The worst way to celebrate Valentine's Day is spending the entire dinner worrying about how you'll pay for it. Instead, try one of these cheap dates that are guaranteed to be fun and relaxing. An enjoyable time with the one you love is always better when you don't rack up credit card debt.

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    Valentines Day ideas
    The best gifts are homemade ones. Flickr/Ceanandjen

    Nor should you spend a bundle on Valentine's Day gifts, unless you desire. There are dozens of creative, lovely gifts you can easily make for your children, partner or even your parents. Think pink, red, lace, chocolate.

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    Line up Child Care for Valentine's Day
    Check out these ideas to get out for Valentine's Day date night. Getty Images/Sandy Jones

    For parents, it can be hard to get out for a Valentine's Day dinner because babysitters are at a premium that night. Consider shifting your celebration to another day and swapping care with friends. You'll save on the restaurant bill and babysitting (score!). Or try one of these other ideas to cut your child care costs.

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    Show your marriage some love
    Show your marriage some love. Getty Images/Dimitri Vervitsiotis

    Valentine's Day is only a 24-hour period. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to plan the perfect craft for your children or arrange a relationship-saving night out with your spouse.

    Your holiday will truly shine because of the attention you give every day of the year to your partner's needs and to your relationship. What's that?  You sometimes forget to do this? Well, we all do that. There's no better time than the present to rediscover that spark.

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    Show Yourself Some Love

    Show Yourself Some Love
    How do you take care of yourself while figuring out your next move?. Getty Images

     Valentine's Day is also a day to show yourself some love.  Do you have a self-care regime that you follow?  If not this time of year is a great time to create one.  Check out these tips to get started.  

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    Have Some Fun and Play Some Games

    Clean-up time fun
    Before you can play, help Mama out!. Getty Images/DigitalVisions

     These games aren't anything specific about Valentine's Day but they are ways to spend quality time with your kids (while getting some stuff done around the house).

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    Teach Your Children What Mindfulness Is All About

    Teach what mindfulness is all about
    Teach what mindfulness is all about. Getty Images/Justin Pumfrey

     If we think life is a bit crazy now imagine how it'll be for our kids.  The best gift you can give them is the education on mindfulness.  Living in the moment and not worrying about the past or the future.  Check out this article if you want to learn more, practice what you preach, and create an awesome Valentine's Day lesson for the kiddos.

Yes, it's disgusting the amount of sugar we all consume on or around February 14th but this holiday is fantastic. It reminds us that love is all that matters. It all comes back to how we love one another not about the hours of planning we spent preparing for this day. So the next Valentine's Day that comes be sure to take care of yourself while preparing to show those you love just how much you love them. Edited by Elizabeth McGrory