Celebrating a Wedding Anniversary With a Hawaiian Luau

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    Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary with a Hawaiian Luau

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    A second honeymoon is a lovely way to celebrate a big wedding anniversary, especially when it is as special as the 25th or 30th anniversary. Honeymoons are private affairs, though.

    If you want to celebrate with friends and family, why not use that honeymoon destination to inspire an anniversary party at home? A Hawaiian luau is a perfect theme and a ton of fun to plan!

    The invites, decorations and food can all have that luau style and in the following pages we will look at easy ideas for each.

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    Hawaiian Party Invitations

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    The fun of your special Hawaiian anniversary party begins with the invites!

    You have the choice of e-vites or paper invitations and either option can have a Hawaiian flare.

    E-Vite Ideas

    Whether it be a party invite on Facebook or a mass email to all of your family and friends, make sure to include some Hawaiian graphics and photos. This will set the mood and instantly clue them into the party's theme.

    A few things to remember about e-vites:

    • Not everyone is on Facebook and you will need to invite...MORE those who are not via email or some other platform.
    • For that same reason, don't rely on your Facebook friends list to make up the entire guest list. You might miss someone important! Create a separate guest list offline.
    • Make sure to use your own photos or those that are not restricted by copyright.

    Paper Invite Ideas

    Paper invitations are not out of style and they give you more freedom to be creative! Besides that, with the lack of snail mail communication today, people really love to get physical invites.

    • Tuck your invitation into an origami Hawaiian shirt using tropical-themed scrapbook paper.
    • Send each guest a single petal from a fake lei of flowers.
    • Draw a quick palm tree on each invite and have your spouse do the same. Add a handwritten message like "Hope you can come!" Even if you are not the best artist, it is the little personal touches that people appreciate!

    Include Theme Instructions!

    No matter which type of invite you choose, be sure to include any instructions you have for guests.

    People like direction when it comes to a party. A few simple sentences will make them feel at ease because they know they won't be 'the only one!'

    • Suggest they wear Hawaiian shirts or tropical garb.
    • Will there be a pool and do they need to worry about swim gear?
    • Ask guests to bring a honeymoon photograph of themselves. The photos add to the decor and are fun for a guessing game.
    • Be sure to include any special instructions about the venue. Parking in your neighborhood or directions to the room you are renting for the event may be important.
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    Hawaiian Party Decorations

    Tiki torches
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    The Hawaiian theme comes with so many ideas for decor! Let your imagination run wild and your anniversary party will be the talk of the year.

    Be sure to stop by the local party supply shop. Luaus are a popular theme and they tend to have a great selection of cheap items that will get you started and spark ideas.

    • Break out the tiki torches.
    • Decorate the bar and buffet with grass skirts.
    • Cue up the ukelele music. A little Don Ho, some Israel Kamakawiwo'ole or surf guitar music by Dick Dale, even...MORE Elvis in his beach movie days.
    • You might hire hula dancers to entertain or a dance teacher to instruct guests in the finer points of the hula. You could just wing it as well!
    • Be sure to have plenty of grass skirts and coconut bras on hand, both for hula lessons and the party photo booth.
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    Hawaiian Party Food

    Vacation Mai Tai
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    The highlight of any Hawaiian luau is, of course, the food and the fruity cocktails.

    You may not want to dig up your backyard to roast a pig, but fire up the grill for shish kebabs. Skewer pork or beef interspersed with pineapple, red onions and bell peppers for a quick and simple alternative.

    • Teriyaki beef or chicken go great on the grill as well.
    • Pass a pupu platter with Coconut Shrimp and Ahi Poke.
    • Fresh pineapple, mango and other tropical fruits make wonderful accompaniments and double as decor.

    A...MOREnd for dessert? A chocolate-iced wedding cake or cupcakes or, better yet, a shaved ice cart.