Top 13 Celebrity Grandfathers

Stars of the Large and Small Screen Explore a New Role

Although they seem forever youthful, especially when we watch them in their old roles, these stars of movies and TV are now exploring the role of grandparenting. They may be celebrity grandfathers, but most are also very involved grandfathers.

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    Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks has played many roles, but grandfather is a favorite.
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    Known for achieving back-to-back Best Actor Oscars, in 1993 and 1994, Tom Hanks was awarded the title of grandfather in 2011. Olivia Jane Hanks was born to Colin Hanks of Fargo series fame and his wife Samantha Bryant in 2011. On Entertainment Tonight, Tom Hanks compared grandparenthood to "parenthood fantasy camp." The couple had another daughter, Charlotte Bryant Hanks, in 2013. In 2016 Chet Hanks announced in an Instagram video that he has a daughter. The middle Hanks son has...MORE struggled with addiction but stated in the video that he has turned his life around. He declined to identify his baby's mother and said that his daughter is "not something to be posted."

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    Kid Rock

    Kid Rock is a grandfather.
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    Raucous rap-rocker Kid Rock is an extra-young grandfather at 43. His granddaughter, born on Christmas Day of 2015, is the offspring of his son, Robert Ritchie, Jr. Kid Rock raised his son as a single parent and is reportedly delighted with being a grandfather. Kid Rock, who morphed from a Detroit hip-hop artist into a Southern roots-rocker, is sticking with his adopted region. He has reportedly decided to be called Paw Paw, saying, "I'm going Southern all the way."

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    Donald Trump

    Donald Trump has a brood of grandchildren and presidential plans.
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    Because Donald Trump won the presidency, the White House is currently blessed with more grandchildren than it has seen since the first President Bush. In 2007 Kai Madison was born to Donald Trump Jr., and wife Vanessa, making Trump the elder a grandfather. Trump now has eight grandchildren, five from Donald, Jr., and three from his daughter Ivanka. Oh, and they have a playmate in Trump's youngest child, Barron, born in 2006. Trump became a grandfather just a little shy of his 62nd birthday,...MORE and that's probably the only time the word "shy" has been used in reference to the billionaire magnate and politician. 

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    Harrison Ford

    Harrison Ford is a grandfather.
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    One of the most private stars in Hollywood, Harrison Ford is also one of those who is simultaneously parenting and grandparenting. Currently married to Calista Flockhart, he parents Liam, who was adopted by Flockhart in 2001. Ford has four grandchildren through the two sons of his first marriage to Mary Marquardt. His son Willard, a designer and entrepreneur, is father to Eliel, born in 1993, and Giuliana, born in 1997. His son Ben is father to Ethan, born in 2000, and Waylon, born in 2010. You...MORE might say that Harrison Ford is an old "Han" at grandparenting.

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    Steven Tyler

    Steve Tyler and his daughter Liv during Fashion Week.
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    Steven Tyler of Aerosmith entered grandparenthood at the age of 54 when daughter Liv Tyler and her husband Royston Langdon presented him with a grandson, Milo William, born December 14, 2004.  The two subsequently split. In 2015 Liv had another son, Sailor Gene, with her current partner, David Gardner. Grandpa Tyler hopped on a plane to be there for the birth, which came earlier than expected. Liv and David had another daughter, Lula Rose, in 2016. Following a memorable stint at the judge's...MORE table on American Idol, Tyler is concentrating on his solo act, with tickets to his performances selling well. Some would say that Grandpa is still a scream. 

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    Kiefer Sutherland

    Kiefer Sutherland is a grandfather to two.
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    Hamish Adam Kiefer Sinclair is the name that made Kiefer Sutherland a grandfather. Hamish was born in 2006 to his stepdaughter Michelle, the child of his first wife Camelia Kath. Sutherland was only 19 when he married Kath; Michelle was then 8 years old. Michelle is married to Scottish actor Adam Sinclair. The name Hamish is a salute to his father's Scottish heritage. Sutherland, who also has Scottish roots, wore a kilt when he gave the bride away in 2004. Hamish has a brother, Robert Quinn...MORE Sinclair, born in 2011.

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    Paul McCartney

    Beatle grandfather Paul McCartney
    WireImage for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame / Getty Images

    With eight grandchildren, Paul McCartney is the best-endowed Beatles grandfather. His oldest daughter, Mary, is mother to Arthur (1999), Elliot (2002); Sam (2008; and Sid (2011). His fashion designer daughter Stella is mother to Miller (2005); Bailey (2006); Beckett (2008); and Reiley (2010). Ringo Starr, however, has the distinction of being the first Beatle to become an great-grandparent. Also, Starr is close behind McCartney with seven grandchildren. There are no Harrison or Lennon...MORE grandchildren to date. For his 64th birthday in 2006, McCartney's grandchildren, then three in number, made a special recording of "When I'm Sixty-Four" for him.

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    Donny Osmond

    Grandfather Donny Osmond with sister Marie at 2015 TV Land Awards
    Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

    Donny Osmond had to become a grandfather to get a girl. Osmond and his wife Debra have five sons and kept the streak going with their first grandson, Dylan James, born on August 21, 2005. His next grandchild, Emery Anne, born February 25, 2008, was the long-awaited girl. She's since been followed by five more grandsons, at latest count. There's no chance that he'll be singing "Go Away, Little Girl" to Emery. In January 2017 he revealed that he has two more grandchildren on...MORE the way, so maybe Emery will have some girl cousins soon. By the way, sister Marie has three grandchildren of her own. 

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    Tony Danza

    Tony Danza is a grandfather.
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    There are lots of ways to learn that you're going to be a grandfather, but few people get the news on the air. Tony Danza was doing a cooking segment on his show when son Marc Danza, appearing with him, broke the news. Nicholas was born to Marc and his wife Julie in 2005. Tony's advice to grandparents: "Keep them close to you. And make dinner together." He practices what he preaches. Tony and Marc collaborated on a cookbook that was published in 2010. Word is that Nicky was the...MORE taste tester.

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    Jim Carrey

    'Dumb And Dumber To' - Los Angeles Premiere
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    Jim Carrey became a grandfather on Feb. 26, 2010, when his daughter Jane and husband Alex Santana welcomed Jackson Riley Santana. (The couple has since split.) Carrey was 47 at the time, a little young for a Hollywood grandparent but actually just average for the United States. Carrey tweeted about his grandson: "This is what 7lbs.11oz. of Calfornia dynomite looks like!" Reportedly, Carrey is better at grandparenting than he is at spelling.

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    Dr. Phil McGraw

    Dr. Phil McGraw is a grandfather.
    Jason Merritt / Staff | Getty Entertainment

    Talk show host Dr. Phil was named 2010's Sexiest Celebrity Grandparent by Grand Magazine after becoming a grandfather on March 17. Avery Elizabeth McGraw was born to Jay McGraw and his wife Erica, making the talk show host and his wife Robin grandparents. Dr. Phil tweeted and blogged about the new arrival and introduced her on his show two months later. His grandson, London Phillip McGraw, was born in 2011 on Dr. Phil's birthday, Sept. 1. He also got the tweet treatment.

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    Pierce Brosnan

    Pierce Brosnan is a grandfather.
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    Pierce Brosnan became a grandfather at 44, but it's complicated. His first wife, Cassandra Harris was 12 years older than Brosnan and had two children. Brosnan adopted the two, and one of them, daughter Charlotte, gave birth to Isabelle Sophie in 1998 and to a son, Lucas, in 2005. Cassandra Harris died in 1991 from ovarian cancer. (Her daughter Charlotte died of the same disease in 2013.)  Sean, the only child that Brosnan and Harris had together, had a daughter, Marley May Cassandra, in...MORE 2015. Brosnan married Keeley Shaye Smith in 2001. The two have two sons. Brosnan has reportedly Bond-ed with all his children and grandchildren.

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    James Brolin

    James Brolin is a grandfather
    Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

    James Brolin, born in 1940, has been a grandfather since the age of 47 and could be joining the ranks of great-grandfathers soon. His two grandsons, Trevor, born in 1988, and Eden, born in 1993, are the sons of Josh Brolin, the star of No Country for Old Men, and actress Alice Adair. James Brolin has been married to Barbra Streisand since 1998. Some think this is a great country for old men, when they look like James Brolin.