7 Celebrity Bedrooms You'll Love

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    Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

    Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

    You might assume that a hard-rocking musician who famously once bit the head off a bat in the middle of a concert would have a bedroom decorated in an equally wild style, but one look at the bedroom shared by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne in their Los Angeles home, and the first word that comes to mind is, “pretty.” This strikingly feminine bedroom, decorated in soft purple, silver and pale gray, is rather formal in style, but the color scheme keeps it from being stuffy. And just look at that...MORE wonderful mirrored canopy bed! Takeaway tip: If you want to use very strong furnishings in the bedroom, keep your palette soft to avoid overload.

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    Photo courtesy of PopSugar

    She might call herself a “Material Girl,” but this bedroom in Madonna’s New York City duplex is actually rather minimalist. A neutral palette is very soothing, and the lack of froufrou furnishings or clutter adds to the tranquility.  There’s plenty of interest however – notice the angular shape of the bed frame, the large photo over the fireplace and the interesting rail around the ceiling. Takeaway tip: When your bedroom furnishings or your color scheme is very simple, use lots of texture and...MORE strong lines to add contrast.

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    Sarah Jessica Parker

    Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

    Carrie Bradshaw’s messy, colorful bedroom on "Sex and the City" is nothing like the real-life bedroom of the actress who plays her. Decorated almost entirely in white, with just a few touches of color for emphasis, the Bridgehampton, New York bedroom of Sarah Jessica Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick is a soothing oasis of peace and tranquility. Takeaway tip: While an all-white bedroom is very calming, it needs at least a little bit of contrast. Use a few bright accessories for color,...MORE and mix in a variety of textures throughout the space.

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    Alan Jackson

    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    When he’s not writing or singing chart-topping hits – he’s won 17 Country Music Association awards, 16 Academy of Country Music awards and two Grammys in his 25-year career – country, bluegrass and Christian singer Alan Jackson might just like to relax in this gorgeous, Tuscan-style bedroom in his Nashville home. This is Tuscan done right – old-world formality mixed with casual comfort. Takeaway tip: When decorating with a very distinctive theme, such as the Tuscan look shown here, add a touch...MORE or two of contemporary style to avoid an overly staged appearance.

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    Kourtney Kardashian

    Photo courtesy of PopSugar

    When it comes to the Kardashian clan, extravagance is the name of the game, so you should expect no less from the Los Angeles bedroom of reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian. This bedroom is full of strong patterns and metallic accents – the walls, the lamps, the curtains, the floor, the throw pillows – and yet it works without being overwhelming. That’s because the color scheme is limited to neutrals: black, cream, gold and silver. Although a palette of neutrals is sometimes dull, you’d never...MORE call this room boring – the patterns and metallics add a ton of interest. But of course, it’s the neon “Love Me” sign that really adds the pop and sparkle. Takeaway tip: Here’s all the proof you need that one bold accent can light up an entire bedroom.

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    Elton John

    Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

    His legendary career spans decades, and includes one of the top selling singles of all time, “Candle in the Wind,” which sold more than 33 million copies. Not surprisingly, Elton John’s Los Angeles bedroom has the same mix of over-the-top theatrics and solid style that marks his stage performances. Just imagine how comfortable that fluffy rug would feel on bare feet. The furniture all has very simple lines so as not to detract from the perfectly arranged, framed Mapplethorpe photographs on the...MORE walls. But it’s the ceiling that steals the show here – that’s silver Mylar lining the ceiling, creating a reflective, mirror-like surface that bounces light and color around the space. Takeaway tip: Don’t forget your ceiling when it’s time to decorate. You don’t need mirrors – simply painting the ceiling a color that contrasts with the walls adds a lot of excitement to a room.

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    Ellen Pompeo

    Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

    Ellen Pompeo, award-winning star of "Grey’s Anatomy," loves to travel, and it shows in this exotic bedroom in her Hollywood Hills home. This is another room that proves a mostly-neutral palette is easily spiced up with a few touches of color and a mix of great pattern. The bronze bedside lamps add an extra touch of interest – warm metal is a refreshing switch from the ubiquitous silver. Takeaway tip: Don’t feel bound to a traditional headboard – a tapestry, quilt or even a colorful...MORE tablecloth is a great way to fill the space and create a focal point for the room.