10 Ideas for Adding Celestial Decorations to Your Room

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When it comes to celestial inspired interior decor, wonder is everything. When you walk in the room you want to feel like you’ve been transported light years away to float among the stars and planets themselves—and we’ve rounded up exactly how to achieve that feeling in your own space.

From getting the wallpaper and paint color just right to hanging fairy lights and following the phases of the moon—these expert-approved celestial decor ideas are sure to foster a feeling of wonder and coziness.

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    Follow the Moon Phases

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    If you want to incorporate a subtle nod to celestial decor without venturing into as playful a territory you’ll want to consider a minimal moon phase design. There are many options to choose from here—you can either hang the phases of the moon above your bed for a subtle statement, or you could simply install a moon phase wall hanging at your window pane or on a smaller accent wall.

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    Select Starry Wallpaper

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    I Want Wallpaper

    Wallpaper is a great way to create a feeling of starry-eyed wonder as soon as you walk into a space. “The universe is infinite—and so are your wallpaper choices,” says Alex Whitecroft, head of design at I Want Wallpaper. “There are hundreds of different designs to choose from. From stunning star clouds to the planets of the milky way, it's easier now more than ever to create your own universe to escape to.”

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    Opt for Deep-Hued Furnishings

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    According to Whitecroft, the colors you choose will also play a huge role in creating the perfect space (literally) and set the tone for the room. “Darker colors inspired by the night sky should influence your choice of furniture and soft furnishings,” he explains. “You’ll definitely want to take some time to explore and find the right colors to suit your version of space.”

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    Create a Statement Wall

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    To make your space inspired home decor theme really pop, Whitecroft also recommends taking all your celestial-inspired ideas and putting them together on one single feature wall. “Not only is a feature wall a great way to make your otherworld theme stand out and draw the eye, but it also offers a wonderful contrast, as well as opportunities to introduce new color combinations in the rest of the space.” Use celestial wallpaper, starry-night twinkle lights, and moon phases mobile, for example, to create one a night-inspired space.

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    Get into Celestial Maps and Glow-in-the-Dark Goods

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    Celestial decor is fun for a theme room or just to add a touch of interest to your main living spaces, but kids rooms in particular really allow you to have fun with the decor and maybe even cross into the kitsch space. “Kids rooms with a celestial theme can go all-out with maps, photos, and glow-in-the-dark stars (they never go out of style!),” says Andre Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy, a home services website.

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    Select One Great Focal Point

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    You can, of course, translate any kid room decor into a more mature, adult-friendly version (or you can just own your love of glow-in-the-dark and go with it!). That said, if you want a more sophisticated take on celestial design, Kazimierski suggests looking for slightly more subtle options. “More grown-up options include adding star maps, photography, or a metal solar system model as a focal point on a tabletop,” he explains.

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    Use a Planetarium Projector

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    “One of the best ideas is to transform your ceiling into a starry sky with a planetarium projector,” shares Joel Phillips, home improvement expert and founder of Home Guide Corner. “After all, what is more relaxing than sleeping under a hologram of the cosmos?" You’ve probably seen these types of planetarium projectors on Instagram already—they’re pretty inexpensive but offer a seriously bold celestial-inspired light effect on the ceiling come night time.

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    Layer Fairy Lights

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    Layering fairy lights with wall hangings and other types of light fixtures can create that cozy, softly-lit hue that sometimes comes along with celestial decor. You can focus the layered effect above your bed for an added touch of coziness or in a corner with some throw pillows for an out-of-this-world reading nook.

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    Consider Luminous Paint

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    Looking for a more permanent way to add a nod to celestial decor in your space? Phillips also suggests opting to give your space a fresh coat of paint. “Be extraordinary and paint your ceiling just like the dark night sky and use a light color to sprinkle stars around it,” he suggests. “To make the entire decor more interesting, use luminous paints.”

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    Hang a Sunburst Mirror

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    Brexton Cole Interiors

    You might not immediately think of sunburst mirrors when conjuring up images of celestial decor, but a simple gilded mirror can offer a similar otherworldly feeling while also adding more light refraction to your space. This is also a great way to add celestial decorations to your main living room without venturing into kitsch territory.