10 Ways to Bring the Celestial Trend into Your Home

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    Décor Inspired by the Night Sky

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    As a child, you likely remember having a brief fascination with the stars. After learning about the night sky in science class, you may have picked up a few astronomy books at the library, tacked up glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling and begged your parents for a shiny, new telescope.

    But your interest perhaps waned over time, and now you find it increasingly difficult to recall those constellations you once knew like the back of your hand. But there still might be that lingering pull toward things that are magical, sparkly and wondrous.

    If you still find yourself stargazing, look no further than this trend that’s a bit closer to earth. Pinterest feeds, catalogs and magazines have begun to fill up with clothing items and décor that seem as if they’ve been plucked right from the Milky Way. In homes, people are weaving in star-strewn plates, sparkling murals and cosmic tile work as moons and stars dot their spaces. From subtle hints to all-out tributes to the night sky, the trend can be brought into anything from living rooms to bathrooms to nurseries.

    But there’s no need to learn all those constellation names this time around. There won’t be a quiz later. Instead, embrace a trend that’s not only beautiful, but can also encourage reactions of awe from friends and family as they take an out-of-this-world tour of your home.

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    Assemble a Starry Gallery Wall

    For a space-inspired wall that has plenty of visual impact, consider a grouping of vintage mirrors in mixed metals. Sunburst mirrors take on the appearance of shining stars, and metal star accents work to enhance the look. Golds and silvers create a gleaming, glimmering effect, ideal for displaying above a living room couch.

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    Display Constellation Throw Pillows

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    Whether you choose a favorite constellation or represent you and your mate’s astrological signs, cosmic throw pillows are apropos in the very spot where you do your dreaming. Put a couple pillows on a bed, or rest one or two in a nearby chair.

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    Light-up a Space With String Lights

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    There are few things as enchanting as a room filled with twinkling string lights. To create a luminous space, hang several strands from the ceiling, or put them above the headboard of your bed. You’ll experience the appearance of the night sky without stepping out your door.

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    Add Paper Stars to Shelf Décor

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    To make your shelf décor extra-stellar, work in a few paper stars here and there for a celestial pop. Paper stars in varying sizes, either made with your own two hands or purchased on Etsy, can be woven into a shelf by placing them in small glass containers or hanging a few up with a piece of washi tape.

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    Design a Twinkling Backsplash

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    Kitchen backsplashes have begun to move beyond basic white subway tile into a galaxy far, far away. By using cement tile or creating a mosaic, stars can set a graphic, visually-striking tone in your kitchen that will look truly one-of-a-kind.

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    Hang a Sputnik Chandelier

    Sputnik chandeliers, named after the famous Russian satellite, have rocketed their way into homes ever since the 1960’s and the advent of midcentury décor. They do indeed have a space-age appearance, but the rest of your décor doesn’t have seem like it was beamed straight from the Enterprise. It can be an unexpected element in the middle of a fresh, current space.

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    Fill a Cloche With Fairy Lights

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    Fairy lights have the power to encourage a fairy-like feel in any room. They can be used in a variety of ways, but a string looks especially spellbinding when it’s clustered in a glass cloche. Switch it on at night for a bit of extra sparkle.

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    Install Moravian Star Light Fixtures

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    Moravian stars have figured prominently for centuries in churches and holiday festivities alike. Today, they’re a year-round option for home décor, appearing as paper lanterns or their sturdier cousins, light fixtures rendered in glass and metal. Hang one to illuminate your front porch or include a row of them in a long hallway.

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    Use a Star Mobile as Wall Art

    This Heart of Mine

    Sweet star mobiles aren’t just for nurseries. They can take on a grown-up appearance if they’re hung on a wall as a piece of artwork. Set it against a navy or black wall to give it a night-sky vibe.

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    Create a Celestial Ceiling

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    Wouldn’t it be charming to look up at your ceiling and see a sky spangled with stars? To turn your ceiling into a heavenly piece of art, use starry tiles or try painting it yourself. And when someone says, “You have your head in the stars,” you can take it as a compliment.