Ceramic Floor Designs And Possibilities

Ceramic flooring is one of the most durable hard tile surface covering materials available. New printing and texturing techniques have also made it extremely versatile, allowing you to achieve the effect of a variety of natural materials, while still maintaining the strength and low maintenance characteristics that are so prized in ceramics.

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    Hardwood Ceramic Kitchen Flooring Photo

    hardwood ceramic flooring picture
    Cineflix International Media LTD / Courtesy of HGTV

    In this picture, you see a lovely kitchen with dark walnut stained hardwood flooring. Except that it isn’t hardwood. Those are long ceramic tiles, cut and printed to look like a hardwood floor installation. The result is a kitchen floor with the charm of natural wood but only a fraction of the cleaning and maintenance concerns.

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    Mottled Beige Ceramic Tile Kitchen Flooring

    beige ceramic kitchen tile flooring picture
    HGTV / Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

    In this picture, the ceramic tile chosen has more of a natural stone look, with slightly mottled brown and tan tone flecks dancing across the surface of each tile. This is accented randomly by contrasting diamond placed dark brown ceramic tile inserts, to create a sense of visual texture in this kitchen. These light hues are contrasted by the dark rich wood cabinets and red midnight granite counters.

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    Tuscan Style Handcrafted Terra-Cotta Tiles

    hand made terra cotta picture
    HGTV / Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

    Sometimes imperfections bring personality to flooring installation. In this photo, you see a kitchen that features beautiful, hand-crafted terra-cotta tiles. These lovely red-hued pieces each have distinct characteristics, which highlight the human artistry which went into their creation. At the same time, the elegant accent emblems serve to elevate the look of this floor past rustic, into a distinctly Tuscan style.

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    Dark Contrasting Ceramic Tile Floor

    dark ceramic kitchen tile pictures
    DIY Network / Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

    This scene shows another kitchen, this one installed with dark, heavily mottled ceramic floor tiles. These match the quartz countertops ​while contrasting with the light beige colors in the cabinets and drawers, to create an illusion of space within this kitchen, with the walls receding visually from the rest of the room.

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    Faux Limestone Ceramic Kitchen Flooring

    limestone ceramic kitchen flooring picture
    © FloorMall

    Limestone flooring is prized for the distinct colors and patterns which form naturally within the surface of each piece. In this picture, you see a ceramic floor in a kitchen doing a credible job of replicating that distinctly limestone look. This is combined with a deceptively simple two size tile pattern to create a shifting sea of colors and patterns.

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    Off-White Ceramic Bathroom Flooring picture

    ceramic bathroom flooring pictures

    Ceramic flooring is particularly popular in bathrooms, due to its ability to withstand and resist damage from moisture and other staining agents. In this picture, you see a beautiful off-white ceramic floor, matched with bathroom wall tiles of the same cream color. Accent tiles of slightly contrasting hue are then used to add visual appeal at key points throughout the space.

    Lighter colored tiles in a bathroom will tend to show dirt, making it easier to find and eliminate it, but also require more maintenance to keep the place looking spotless. By contrast, darker, multi-colored ceramic tiles will tend to hide dirt, stains, and other imperfections.

    More About Bathroom Flooring

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    Sleek Ceramic Office Flooring Picture

    Ceramic office flooring

    In this picture, you see an attractive home office setting, featuring a beautiful multi-colored ceramic floor, printed to look like elegant polished marble tiles. Marble is a particularly impressive stone, but it is also notoriously hard to clean and maintain. In this office, they have achieved the look of the natural stone, without having to worry about long-term care issues.

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    Multicolored Slate, Ceramic Bathroom Flooring

    slate ceramic flooring

    One of the things that people prize about natural stone is that each piece is a unique expression of beauty and personality. In this bathroom, you see a ceramic floor printed to match the random colorized patterns found in natural multicolored Chinese slate flooring. While the visual recreation is quite impressive, the actual feel of the material will lack some of the textural features found in real slate.