The Best Chair Mats for Your Carpeted Home Office Floors

Office chair on top of floral and black chair mat near wooden desk closeup

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

While protecting our flooring surface may not something we initially consider when setting up a home office, it's a factor to not be forgotten. Not only will a chair mat protect your carpet from uneven wear and tread tracks from moving around in your home office chair but using a chair mat are actually better for you.

A chair mat used on a carpeted floor will move more smoothly and make you feel more comfortable. You won't feel that you are having to fight with your chair just to get in another area of your home office or even the other end of your desk.

Look carefully at the labels of chair mats for carpeting, as there are different types and they are based on the type of carpet that you have. Purchasing a mat that is intended for low pile carpets but used on a heavy shag will not work well at all. The chair mat will bog down into the carpeting and you will have difficulty moving. By the same token using a heavier weight chair mat on a low pile carpet will not work well either. The cleats on the bottom side of the chair mats for carpets also have differences and this can be most important for your carpet. A heavier chair mat will break down the fibers of the carpet and damage the carpet.

Also, know that you don't only have the option of clear vinyl or polycarbonate materials for your carpet chairmat. There are alternatives such as bamboo which is also very environmentally friendly.

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    Universal Cleated Chair Mat for Low and Medium Pile Carpet

    If you have taken into consideration the flooring in your home office and invested in a nice carpet than this chair mat which is clear vinyl is a great way to protect that carpet. The cleats on the back prevent the chair mat and you from sliding around on the carpet.

    This chair mat is intended to be used with carpets that up to 3/8 inches deep. It is a rectangle that measures 48 inches L x 36 inches W. It also has a lipped edge which will prevent you from "bouncing" off the chair mat as you move around.

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    Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Office Chair Mat, Natural

    The Anji Mountain Bamboo chair mat is ideal for carpets up to 1/4 inch thick, with no carpet pad. Bamboo chair mats are an ideal option that is environmentally friendly and looks good in any home office. There is non-slip felt on the back to prevent the chair mat from slipping and moving on the carpet. It also has rounded edges for when you may need to move off the chair mat but you won't feel a jolt. It is easy to care for a bamboo chair mat, just wipe clean with a damp cloth. You don't have to worry about special cleaning materials at all.

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    Robbins Oval Designer Shape Carpet Chair Mat

    You don't have to select an oval chair mat anymore. This oval shaped chair from ES Robbins provides a unique look for your home office.

    This chair mat has been designed for use on loop or Berber carpet up to 3/8 thick including padding. It is clear and allows the design of your carpet to show through but still allows you to move easily around your home office.