A Change-of-Address Checklist for Those Moving to a New Home

Here's Who Will Need Your New Address

House shaped mailbox or postbox
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When moving to a new home, we're always sure to give the new address to friends and family, but it is easy to forget some of the other very important offices, agencies, and groups that need to be informed of your change. While making sure the U.S. Postal Service has your new address is the most important, the USPS will only ensure that mail is forwarded from an old to a new address for one year after you move (60 days for newspapers and periodicals). After that time, anything sent to the old address may have a hard time finding its way to you.

Not all the offices and agencies on this list will apply to you, but you can use it to systematically review and check off everyone who needs to be informed of your change-of-address status. 

Public Offices and Government Agencies

  • ____Post office
  • ____Federal IRS and state revenue agency
  • ____Social Security (SSA)
  • ____Medicare Administration
  • ____DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • ____Family Support/ Child Protection Offices
  • ____Department of Veteran Affairs
  • ____Federal and State Pension Benefits offices
  • ____Unemployment Insurance office
  • ____U.S. Customs and Immigration Service 
  • ____Do-Not-Mail and Do-Not-Call national programs
  • ____Pet licensing office
  • ____County tax assessment office

Utilities and Services

  • ____Telephone (landline and cell)
  • ____Television provider
  • ____Internet provider
  • ____Electrical utility
  • ____Gas utility
  • ____Water Department
  • ____Water delivery/treatment service
  • ____Garbage/recycling services
  • ____Sewer utility


  • ____Banks
  • ____All loan institutions
  • ____Credit card companies
  • ____Paypal
  • ____Insurance agencies
  • ____Retail credit accounts
  • ____Pension plans and IRA/401k administrators
  • ____Accountant/ Tax specialist
  • ____Investment brokers/ advisors
  • ____Credit reporting agencies

Institutions, Organizations and Clubs

  • ____Employers (past and present)
  • ____Childrens' schools
  • ____Daycare providers
  • ____Church
  • ____Attorney
  • ____Medical clinic/ doctors
  • ____Optometrist
  • ____Dentist
  • ____Veterinarian
  • ____Professional memberships
  • ____Civic clubs/ organizations
  • ____Children's clubs/ organizations
  • ____PTA
  • ____Neighborhood association
  • ____Health clubs
  • ____Country club, social club
  • ____Alumni groups
  • ____Charity organizations
  • ____Cost clubs (Costco, Sam's Club)
  • ____Membership Clubs (AAA, AARP, ACLU, etc.)

Residential Services

  • ____Pool maintenance service
  • ____Lawn/ Garden service
  • ____Housecleaner
  • ____Pest control service
  • ____Delivery services
  • ____Home security service

Periodicals and Online Delivery Merchants

  • ____Newspapers
  • ____Magazines
  • ____Online merchants (Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, etc.)