Moving? Here's Your Change-of-Address Checklist

All the People Who Will Need Your New Address

House shaped mailbox or postbox
Melissa Ross / Getty Images

When moving to a new home, make sure you change your address with all the necessary services, publications and other contacts with this checklist.

Checklist of Utilities, Services, Government Agencies and Subscriptions

  Water delivery
  Pool services
  Lawn & garden services
  Physicians / Veterinarian
  Loan institutions (mortgage, student, other)
  Credit card companies
  Insurance agencies (home, health, auto, life)
  Pension plans
  Accountant / Tax services
  Professional Memberships / Licensing Boards
  INS office (Green Card, visas, work permits)
  Vehicle registration
  Driving license
  Unemployment Insurance
  Pension Benefits
  Social Security
  Family Support
  Income Tax / IRS
  Veteran Affairs
  Books and clubs