Char-Broil Patio Caddie Electric Grill - Discontinued

Char-Broil Patio Caddie Grill
Char-Broil Patio Caddie Grill. W.C. Bradley Corp.

The Bottom Line

This model has been discontinued. It is replaced by the Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Electric Grill Model# 10601578

This is Char-Broil's answer for the person who has limited space or who wants a small grill. The Patio Caddie is a full height grill that takes up only 28 inches. It's one electric heat element gives you enough heat to carry out most grilling tasks. It only has 187 square inches of grilling space so you won't be able to do too much more than a pair of steaks or a couple of burgers at a time, but then, that's the point, right?

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  • Small enough to fit most anywhere
  • Decent heating for an electric


  • Small grilling area


  • One 1,650 Watt electric heat element
  • 187 square inches of grilling space
  • Occupies 28 inches diameter of patio space
  • Lid height accommodates a wide range of foods
  • One porcelain coated steel cooking grate
  • Made in China by Char-Broil

Guide Review - Char-Broil Patio Caddie Electric

If you have a small patio then this is the grill for you. With a diameter of 28 inches this grill won't take up a lot of space. Of course that gives you only 187 square inches of grilling space. So what you get with this grill is a unit you can put almost anywhere but that won't do a lot beyond basic grilling. This unit is designed for someone who wants that advantages of grilling but doesn't have the space. It is very compact and it has wheels to help you move it around.

The single heat element on this grill is just enough to heat the area.

You get decent grilling but not high temperatures. You should be able to just barely sear a steak. This grill runs on a standard 110 volt outlet. It is difficult to generate good grilling temperatures at this voltage on an electric grill, but the design of this unit does a lot to focus the heat it does generate at the food you are cooking.

The grill uses a single porcelain coated cooking grate. Inside the unit you will find a reflector that makes it appear strange inside, but this is simply part of the electric grilling system.

This is the electric version of the Char-Broil Patio Caddie Gas Grill.

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