12 Clever Charging Station Ideas to Eliminate Cord Clutter

small pretend book charging station

Caught On A Whim

Long cords and bulky charging boxes are hard to avoid in any home, but that doesn't mean you need to see them all the time. These charging station ideas will help eliminate cord clutter while keeping all your devices in one easy-to-find place. The charging station ideas on this list range from super simple (like repurposing a mail organizer into a place for phones and tablets) to slightly more complex DIY projects that still don't require much more than wood and a drill.

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    Create a Charging Station Drawer

    charging station hidden in living room drawer


    This hidden charging station is truly out of sight and out of mind. If you don't have outlets inside a drawer, drill a hole through the back of one (media cabinets will already have this pre-drilled), so you can run an extension cord from a wall outlet into the drawer.

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    Designate aTechnology Cabinet

    charging station inside narrow cabimet

    A Bowl Full Of Lemons

    If you have space for a narrow cabinet or shelf in a mudroom, turn it into a technology cabinet. This one has outlets inside which are ideal for charging phones and tablets overnight. Since you can close the door, it may be less tempting for kids or adults to reach for their devices.

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    Make Use of a Woven Basket

    wicker letter holder used for storing cords


    A woven mail organizer is a surprisingly perfect way to make an easy DIY charging station that keeps cords tidy and phones out of sight (though still easily reached). Just make sure the mail sorter is in a wide enough weave so that both ends of the charger fit through.

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    DIY a Bedside Craft Box

    diy bedside charging station from letter box

    The DIY Playbook

    This bedside charging station keeps cords and clutter at a minimum. This small storage box came from Goodwill (and was given some TLC), but similar options can be found at craft stores. To make this work as a charging station, just drill a hole in the back (it will face the wall); you can keep the drawer in or make it more of a shelf by removing it.

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    Reuse a Shoebox

    diy charging station made from shoebox

    One Good Thing By Jillee

    You almost certainly have an empty shoe box laying around somewhere, and you can easily turn it into a lightweight charging station. Beautify your box with the help of wrapping paper or sticky contact paper, then cut or punch holes in the side for the cords. Hide a power strip inside with one hole for it to connect to an external outlet, and voila you have a simple and pretty DIY charging station.

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    Transform a Bucket

    DIY charging station made from magnetic bucket

    Tatertots And Jello

    A bucket is a cute and portable charging station that works well if you or your kids are always charging in a different room (or if they're traveling between two houses). The bucket here is actually a silverware caddy with a hole drilled in the back; the caddy is nice because it has different compartments, but any sturdy bucket will do the trick.

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    Build-Your-Own Charging Station

    a charging station built from wood

    Jen Woodhouse

    This beautiful wooden charging station looks store-bought but it's DIY. It can hold a small laptop, multiple iPads or tablets, smartphones, and an external hard drive, so it's a real one-stop shop for all electronics. The compartment at the top seamlessly hides seven outlet power strips (with five USB slots) and all corresponding cables. Visit the tutorial to learn how to make this one at home.

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    Attach to a Frame

    charging station hidden by framed pictute

    Unexpected Elegance

    Unwieldy cords and bulky charging boxes are a reality in any home these days, but they don't have to be an eyesore. If you charge your phone somewhere that's always visible like a kitchen counter or a bedside table, try adding a USB charger to the back of a picture frame with glue or Command strips.

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    Use a Letterbox

    charging station letter box


    Give a mail or desk organizer a new purpose by turning it into a DIY charging station. Most mail sorters already have spots that are the right sizes for both phones and tablets, and if you have multiple family members charging at once, this will be a godsend (and also the answer to the question, where's my iPad?) Keep it simple by running the cords outside the organizer into an outlet, or drill a couple of holes in the back so they can run through.

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    Make Your Own Wooden Station

    diy built charging station


    How pretty (and functional) is this minimalist DIY charging station? Small holes keep cords organized and in the right spot so they won't get tangled. The ledge is wide enough to safely rest tablets and phones while still looking streamlined. You could keep this natural or paint it a fun color.

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    Recycle Scraps

    a charging station made from a wood pallet

    A Piece Of Rainbow

    This wooden crate charging station looks vintage but it's actually a DIY project made from the scraps of a pallet. This tutorial even includes a free download of the label, so you can completely replicate this farmhouse-style peach crate charging station at home.

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    Cut Into an Old Book

    small pretend book charging station

    Caught On A Whim

    What looks like a book on your bedside table can actually be a covert DIY charging station. Just remember to cut a little notch out for the cord to rest in, otherwise, the cover will pop open (the tutorial will walk you through every step).

Cords and chargers don't have to be an eyesore. Keep them contained with these charging station ideas that will also always help you remember where you left your phone.