12 Charming Guest Bedrooms You'll Want to Recreate

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    Explore These Charming Guest Bedrooms

    Being the perfect host starts with creating the perfect guest room. Even if you're short on space, going the extra mile to welcome your guests will make them feel like they're right at home. It's no secret that getting a good night's sleep far away from home can be difficult, but these cozy guest bedrooms are the perfect inspiration to create your own dreamy nest for your visitors. 

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    Gold Rush

    the_nycfoodie /Instagram

    If you want to bring out your inner glam, a little gold can go a long way. While this design could be slightly polarizing, the calming pink and glitzy gold details will make any guest feel like a million bucks. And after breathing recycled air on a delayed flight for a few too many hours, who doesn't need a little sparkle in their lives? If you don't want to go this glam, a few high-end gold accessories (you can even DIY it) make a simple bedroom feel like a 4-star hotel. 

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    Bed and Breakfast-Worthy

    lindsaytodddesign /Instagram

    This enchanting bedroom is perfect for frequent guests. Designer Lindsay Todd chose a neutral palate, making it an ideal space for grandparents and grandchildren alike. The cool wood walls paired with simple bedding and antique wood furniture are reminiscent of a bed and breakfast in an oceanside town. This vintage look ties into any décor seamlessly, while creating a calming retreat for your guests. Just add a copy of 'Moby-Dick' and your guests will feel like they’ve traveled back in time.

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    Rustic Charm

    Channel your inner camper with this rustic log cabin idea for a guest room. The exposed wood walls, paired with those famous Pendleton wool blankets, are reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film—one your guests would love to star in. Rather than fill the space with furniture, this designer decided to use the entire attic for twin beds, giving the space a true camp-like feel. This is a great idea for summer homes and lakeside cabins. 

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    Cool, Calm and Stylish

    nest_twenty_eight /Instagram

    A guest room should be calming and soothing, a space that makes your friends feel relieved when they finally throw their bags on the floor. Lifestyle blogger Nest Twenty Eight created a simple-yet-stylish look for this guest bedroom, using on-trend geometric accents and mustard yellow throws. Choosing neutral colors while tossing in a few bold accessories is a great way to create a clean-yet-chic look for your guests.  

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    A Pop of Color

    Guest Room Progress from Kelly in the City

    If your style is more bold and bright, this is the perfect guest room for you. Blogger Kelly in the City started with a pop of green paint and used it as inspiration for the rest of the room’s vivid accessories. Even if you tend to pick safe, neutral colors in your décor, a guest room is the perfect place to be brave with color and go a little bolder. A trundle bed, outfitted with equally intense blues and greens is a great option if you’re low on space but host multiple guests often. 

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    A Guest Room Fit for a Kid

    If your guests are children, this custom-made bunk bed idea is a great way to squeeze a bunch of little ones into a small space. The subtle bedding and grey-washed walls provide a relaxing, cabin-like feel and the handmade curtains give the upper bunks a sense of private escape. Picking a neutral color scheme allows this room to welcome adult guests as well. If you’re always dreaming of your next camping adventure, this is the perfect guest room inspiration. 

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    Sleep Under the Stars

    Artist Loren Madsen crafted this outdoor escape as a master bedroom, but it’s the perfect inspiration for a guest cottage. The bedroom opens up to the outside via four wood-paneled glass doors, giving off the feeling that you are truly sleeping among nature. The Madsens even carry their bed to the cottage’s deck during summer months and sleep under the stars. If you have land to spare, this is the dreamiest cottage—and we guarantee your guests will be fighting to come visit. 

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    A Multifunctional Room

    Not all of us have an entire guest room to spare. Go double-duty by using a daybed that can transition from day to night seamlessly. This trendy look is perfect for a home office that has a little extra space or for that unused corner of your living room. Toss in a textured blanket, like this faux-fur one, to make a simple bed feel cozy and inviting.

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    A Classy Living Room

    juliahope85 /Instagram

    Even if you’re short on space, you can still make your guests feel welcome. Transform your living room into a sanctuary using only a few personalized details. Just by adding a couple of feng shui-friendly candles and buying your guests’ favorite flowers, you can make them feel welcome and at home in any space. A super comfy sleeper sofa is the best way to host guests in a small space. 

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    A Polished Yet Unfinished Space

    mcnemarhouse / Instagram

    This innovative idea is the perfect solution for unfinished spaces. By draping sheets to cover the walls and picking a beautiful rug to toss over the bare floors, this designer transformed a completely sparse attic into a beautiful guest room. String sparkly globe lights and add flowers, and your guests won’t even notice that the room isn’t entirely completed.

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    A Greenhouse Bedroom

    Prepare to be very, very jealous. This amazing greenhouse bedroom is the most enchanting way to welcome guests. But if you don’t have a gorgeous greenhouse on your property (neither do we!), you can evoke the same feelings by filling your guest room with greenery. Easy-to-maintain plants like bromeliads, succulents or jade plants are a great choice for a guest room – you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive, but they’ll brighten up any room and give an otherwise plain space a fresh feel. 

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    Hospitality Goes a Long Way

    Ericawittlieb /Pixabay/ Public Domain

    No matter what space you provide for your guests, a little hospitality can go a long way. Pick up a few affordable breakfast trays and a French press coffee pot, and you can make your guest feel welcomed and loved. Greet them in the morning with fresh brewed coffee and pancakes, and they won’t care if they’re sleeping on an air mattress in the basement or an intricately designed guest room retreat.