Give Your Walls a Fresh New Look: Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper

A high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, temporary accent for your walls

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Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper

 Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Long Lines)

The Spruce / Theresa Holland

What We Like
  • Impressively strong adhesive

  • Relatively easy to use

  • Peels off and re-sticks easily

  • Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing finish

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive, especially compared to painting

  • Labor-intensive

Bottom Line

While made-to-order wallpaper isn't the most affordable way to dress up a wall, Chasing Paper's Peel and Stick Wallpaper is easy to use and adds the perfect touch of character to a room.


Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper

 Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Long Lines)

The Spruce / Theresa Holland

We purchased the Chasing Paper and Stick Wallpaper so our reviewer could put it to the test in her home. Keep reading or our full product review.

If your finger is anywhere near the pulse of the interior design industry, you know temporary wallpaper is having a moment. Unlike traditional wallpaper, it can be attached and taken back down as often as you'd like without the need to soak or scrape off the material—you won't have to repaint either. As someone who wants to change their home decor often but never feels inclined to paint, I knew the trend was for me as soon as I caught wind of it.

Having recently moved into a new home with blank white walls in every room, I had ample opportunities to give it a go. Chasing Paper has lots of novelty prints and kid-friendly designs, so I decided to start with my two-year-old son's bedroom, landing on the Long Lines pattern from the Emma Darvick x Chasing Paper collection. While some bolder patterns and murals are great on accent walls, I figured this minimalist print would look best covering every wall.

 Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Long Lines)

The Spruce / Theresa Holland

Measuring and ordering was a crucial first step of the project. Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper comes in sheets measuring 2 x 4 feet, 2 x 8 feet, and 2 x 12 feet. The walls of my son's room are 8 feet tall, so I went with the 2 x 8-foot size, knowing I'd have to cut off a few inches at the bottom for the baseboards. To cover the entire 12 x 14-foot room, I calculated that I'd need 21 sheets. Chasing Paper has a footage calculator to help you figure out exactly how much you need. You can also order a swatch of any design, though I skipped this step because I wanted to make sure I had time to hang it before moving my furniture in.

When my order arrived, I was a little surprised by how heavy the box was. But considering it's made of a poly-woven fabric with a paper backing, it makes sense that 21 sheets would weigh a hefty 25 pounds.

The poly-woven fabric is somewhat thick and slightly textured with a matte finish.

The instruction card that comes in the box recommends gathering a few installation supplies. You might need a precision knife (I used a box cutter), scissors, a level, a tape measure, and a step ladder. A squeegee or some sort of smoothing tool can also come in handy for getting all the bubbles out.

Before getting started, I watched a couple of how-to videos. Some tutorials advise against hanging wallpaper alone, as it can be hard to get the corners straight and match up the pattern between sheets. However, this wasn't the case for the Long Lines print because it was the perfect level of repetitive and random. As long as it covered every inch of the walls, I didn't need to worry too much about it being level or lining up exactly.

As directed, I started in a corner and worked my way around the room, one sheet at a time. The adhesive is impressively strong. A full sheet stays securely in place with only the top few inches stuck to the wall. I used my hands to press down and smooth out the paper. However, I bought a squeegee after completing the project for touch-ups and wished I had it the entire time.

Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Long Lines)

The Spruce / Theresa Holland

For the most part, it was easy to attach to the wall in a straight enough line, but I had to peel it off and re-stick it a few times. Sometimes, I'd have it just right in the top corner, but by the time I got to the bottom, there would be a few millimeters of space between the sheets. This made it hard to tell whether the issue was a slightly uneven wall, imperfections in the paper, my own human error, or all of the above. With that said, I realized about halfway through that the paper was actually somewhat malleable, so I could stretch it a little to bridge tiny gaps.

Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Long Lines)

The Spruce / Theresa Holland

After covering the majority of the walls with full sheets, I filled in smaller strips and odd areas surrounding the window, door, and closet. Then I took the box cutter and scissors and trimmed off the excess paper on the bottom and cut out the outlets and light switches. The randomness and asymmetry of the pattern made it easy to use the extra scraps to patch blank areas. Still, most other prints would need to be more carefully lined up.

The project was somewhat time-consuming and labor-intensive (leaving me sore for a couple of days after) but well worth the commitment. I was very pleased with the finished appearance too. It really ties my son's gray-themed room together.

Chasing Paper (and many other removable wallpaper companies) say the product will only work on a smooth, flat surface, meaning textured walls are a no-go. However, it worked fine on my orange-peel-textured walls. Even over a week later, it seems to be holding up just fine.

Over a week later, it appears to be holding up just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the wallpaper easy to install?

Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper is not particularly hard to install, but it is labor-intensive and a little time-consuming. Personally, I think it's much easier and more convenient than painting.

Can you install it by yourself?

The YouTube tutorials I watched about hanging temporary wallpaper said—very firmly—not to try it alone. This particular print was doable as a solo project, but I can see how large-scale designs and more distinct patterns would be harder to hang without a buddy.

Hanging it was a labor-intensive and time-consuming process but well worth the commitment.

How long does it take?

Overall, the project took me about seven hours, including watching how-tos, setting it up, installing the wallpaper, and cleaning up. That said, it depends on the size of the room, the pattern of the wallpaper, and whether or not you're doing it alone.

What does the material look and feel like in person?

The poly-woven fabric surface is somewhat thick and slightly textured, almost like canvas. It's printed with eco-friendly latex ink and has a nice matte finish.

Does it stay in place?

This removable wallpaper stays in place surprisingly well. The self-adhesive backing is notably strong but also easy to peel off. Not only that, but it doesn't leave a sticky residue and re-sticks just as easily as it peels off. It's almost like a super-strong post-it note that resists wrinkles.

Is it worth the money?

At $80 for one 2 x 8-foot sheet, Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper is a pretty expensive way to dress up a wall. And though it costs substantially more than painting a room, you're paying for convenience, the flexibility to remove it whenever you want, and a mess-free application. For these reasons, I think it's worth the money, but it's undoubtedly a splurge.

Final Verdict

Durable wallpaper that's worth the high price.

Considering the overall finished appearance, satisfying installation process, and quality of the material, Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper is an excellent product if you can swing the price tag.


  • Product Name Peel and Stick Wallpaper
  • Product Brand Chasing Paper
  • Price $80.00
  • Product Dimensions 2 x 8 ft.
  • What's included Wallpaper sheets and Instruction card