Chauncey Crail

Chauncey Crail

Chauncey's tenure as a property manager and landlord lends many years of experience to his writing about home improvement topics. His work has been published by Forbes Advisor/Home, Rolling Stone, Robb Report, and other outlets globally — both in print and online. His documentary and narrative film work highlight his multimedia journalism background.


  • 20+ years of experience in property management, gardening, farming and landscaping.
  • Handyman and builder with electrical, plumbing, framing, interior, flooring, roofing, exterior, carpentry, and design expertise.
  • Seventh-generation farmer with a professional horticulture and viticulture background.
  • Award-winning narrative and documentary filmmaker.


Chauncey Crail's first word was "tractor," a likely consequence of his first job on the farm: steering a Massey Ferguson from his father's lap. At age 7 he started a fruit stand beside the road, educating customers on the fruit, vegetables and organic farming techniques his family employed. He worked as a farmhand and property management assistant for much of his youth and learned about organic farming, sustainable living practices, property renovation and landscaping.

Following prolonged collapse of the agrarian lifestyle and family-farm agricultural model in the U.S., Chauncey's family moved away from the farm and he worked across a wide array fields while earning a BA in Film and Media. Following graduation from university, Chauncey worked as a documentary filmmaker and media producer before lifting off into the world of travel writing.

Chauncey's award-winning narrative feature film "July Rising" explores multifaceted issues related to his experience leaving the farm behind. Likewise, his writing work reflects his discovery of everything the world offers beyond the mountains of his hometown. Currently a flight instructor and business owner, Chauncey now covers home improvement, small business, credit cards, personal finance, aviation and travel, among other topics.


Chauncey graduated from Colorado College with a Bachelor's degree in Film and New Media.

Expertise: Home Improvement, Home Maintenance, Organic and Sustainable Farming, Construction, Gardening
Education: Colorado College
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Title: Freelance Writer

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