Cheap Fiesta: Cinco de Mayo Tabletop Ideas

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    Color, color, color!

    Your Cinco de Mayo table must have color!.

    A festive Cinco de Mayo table must have color, but you don't need to start from scratch. Oranges, pinks, reds and greens are perfect colors for your party, so look around your home and see what you have. A bedspread can double as a tablecloth, a pretty shawl can decorate a side table....and if you don't have the right color, ask a friend or neighbor if you can borrow something. They might just have a perfect turquoise tray or green platter that can add the right punch of color to your...MORE table. And don't forget how much color you can get from some carefully chosen flowers and plants.  This table shows how much color you can get from some potted cactus plants, colorful flowers and a Mexican-inspired table runner.

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    Put food to use

    Use produce and your party food to add a festive touch to the table.

    Your Cinco de Mayo table can easily be filled with produce as well as party food for a cheap and easy tabltop decor. This table shows just how festive your table can look with some green limes, yellow lemons, purple eggplants, red-hot chili peppers, green tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables. You can also set your menu items on the table, like your margarita pitcher, salsa, festive bean dip and other foods to add more color and style to the table. Choose platters and bowls that compliment...MORE your table and your food. 

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    Head to the grocery store

    Use grocery store finds for your budget fiesta.

    If your grocery store has a good selection of made-in-Mexico foods, try using containers and bottles on your table for a fun and festive decoration. Even better, try using the actual food from these containers in your recipes and simply save the cans and containers for your table. It's a simple, rustic and interesting way to add texture, pattern and color to the table. Try using cans or bottle like this table. You can even remove paper labels and simply use a silver can for a metallic touch.

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    Paper flowers are easy and inexpensive

    Paper flowers are easy and inexpensive to make.

    There's no need to spend a lot of money at the party store and buy Cinco de Mayo decorations. There are tons of easy DIY projects online to help you stick to your budget and host a fabulous party. These tissue paper flowers are one of the easiest decorations to make and it's easy to make them small, medium or large in a huge range of colors. They are lightweight enough to hang around a door frame, over the table, hanging from your chairs or simply placed in a vase. They can be made from...MORE tissue paper, crepe paper and even coffee filters.  Here's a great tutorial here

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    Decorate above the table

    These paper streamers are perfect above your table.

    Decorating above your table can also be important: it helps frame the table, brings the eye up and down, creates the feeling of space and pulls the whole room together. If you can't easily hang things from your ceiling, try hanging lightweight decor on a nearby wall, door or door frame. Choose easy to make and inexpensive decor like these crepe paper garlands (get the tutorial here). It's the perfect way to make your Cinco de Mayo table pop even more!

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