Cheap Flooring Ideas

Price is always a factor when considering different flooring choices. At the same time it’s important to get the most for the money being spent. That requires research, both into the types of materials that are available, and the companies that are manufacturing and distributing them. It also helps to choose surface coverings that are specifically designed to handle the functions of the environment where they will be employed.

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    Resilient Vinyl Flooring

    Cheap Vinyl Floors
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    While luxury vinyl tile can be relatively expensive, there are also numerous cost effective options available when you choose this durable and resilient floor surface covering. At the low-end range, you can purchase these materials for as little as $0.50 per square foot. However this will limit the design choices that you have, and the products purchased at those prices may not be as durable as higher end options.

    Another cost advantage of vinyl is that it is easy to install, and the process can...MORE usually be done even by amateurs. With tiles, you just have to adhere the various pieces into straight lines, rows, or whatever pattern is chosen. Sheet versions will be more difficult, requiring precise cutting to fit the material into the space available.

    Note: Vinyl flooring tends to last for 8-12 years, but after that, the wear layer will begin to fade and the floor may have to be replaced.

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    Long Lasting Linoleum

    Linoleum Kitchens
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    A wonderful, low maintenance option, linoleum is manufactured from linseed oil, making it environmentally friendly as well. While it does cost more than competitors such as vinyl, bottoming out at $2.00 per square foot and ranging up to $5.00, it also has the ability to last much longer when properly cared for. Often manufacturers will have warranties on these products that range from 20 or 30 years, cutting down on the cost of removal and replacement. It can also be self-installed saving that...MORE expense as well.

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    Simple Concrete Treatments

    Cheap Concrete Flooring
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    The cheapest floor may already be installed and waiting as the subfloor beneath your current surface coverings. In basements and below grade locations, a concrete surface will be the top face of the foundation slab. In ground level environments it may be part of the structure of the house. Either way, this rough, durable, powerful material can be inexpensively treated with a variety of decorative methods that can soften its look, while also creating color, hues, and patterns that can simulate...MORE the look of natural stone.

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    Inexpensive Brick Pavers

    Brick Floor Ideas
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    Brick is one of the cheapest hard tile floor surface coverings available. Made from clay and sediments fired in a kiln, it is sold in small, relatively thin squares known as pavers. Less expensive options will cost just $0.50 per square foot, although there are some fancy stamped and patterned products which can be as much as $5.00. You also often have to factor in the cost of installation, as the pieces can be heavy, and the process messy and difficult for an amateur with little experience.

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    Cheap Laminate Flooring Options

    laminate flooring, laminate floor info, information about laminate floors
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    Laminates contain a sliver of natural wood, which rests on the surface of each piece, protected beneath a clear wear layer that prevents staining and damage. This creates the illusion of more expensive solid hardwood materials at a fraction of the cost. These floors are also relatively simple to maintain, just requiring regular sweep and or vacuuming. However they will degrade over time, and the lifespan of these installations tends to cap out at about a decade.

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    Easy Install Carpet Tile

    Carpet Tile
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    One of the most comfortable and inexpensive flooring options available, carpet tile has the ability to quickly and easily transform an environment. Available for as little as $0.50 per square foot, it can be self-installed in a few hours, creating a lush, warm, inviting environment in any room that you like. While these materials will not have a long life cycle, they’re relatively easy to remove and either wash or replace as desired. That makes them good for temporary use in places like...MORE children’s bathrooms, playrooms, and bedroom settings.

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    Luxury Cork At Bargain Prices

    Cheap Cork Flooring
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    If you’re looking for a unique, upscale flooring material that won’t break the bank then cork is perfect for you. Available at between $1.50 and $4.00 a square foot it is moderately priced, and can usually be installed without professional help. At the same time, it has a rich, natural look, and a lush, plush, engaging tactile feel that can elevate the essence of an environment.