Cheap Home Staging Ideas for Frugal Sellers

cheap home staging bedroom painted walls
Paint walls neutral colors to unify and enlarge rooms. epstock via Deposit Photos


When you’re trying to sell your home, cheap home staging ideas should be at the top of your priority list! Between the cost of your move and possibly asking a lower asking price than you’d like due to the housing market prices in your area, frugal home staging tricks can help. Here’s a list of cheap home staging ideas to keep more money in your wallet while potential buyers will see your house in a much better light.

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    How to Stage a House without You In It!

    staged to sell kitchen
    Remove all personal effects for a neutral interior. lmphot via Deposit Photos

    Potential buyers want to see themselves, their belongings and their family in your home. They don’t want to see how you live in your home, as they will feel like they are intruders in a stranger's home. In order to do this remove all personal effects: photos, memorabilia, organizational affiliations and anything that relates to you and your family. Consider inviting a friend or neighbor over to give an unbiased opinion on their first impressions of your home!

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    Decluttering your House Costs Nothing Out of Pocket

    home staging tips declutter shelves
    Remove personal belongings, pictures & memorabilia. maximkabb via Deposit Photos


    Take a weekend and walk through your home and remove old clothes from closets, remove small appliances from kitchen countertops, and excessive hair styling tools from bathroom countertops. Every room in your home should only have a few decorative items to make the room feel welcoming. Donate items to charity or hold a garage sale to make money from your decluttering efforts.

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    Painting Walls are Cheap Home Staging ideas

    cheap home staging bedroom painted walls
    Paint walls neutral colors to unify and enlarge rooms. epstock via Deposit Photos

    Consider changing paint color on walls to warm neutrals rather than bright or overly dark colors. Painting is the cheapest home decor trick in the book by interior designers. Neutral colors such as warm grays, beiges, warm yellows and even subtle greens and blues can bring a calming effect to your home. Neutral colors unify your home visually and help it to feel cohesive as well as reflects light better than dark colors. Painting your walls a neutral color will help your staged to sell home feel...MORE bigger and brighter.

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    Home Staging Tips for your Outdoor Home

    outdoor home curb appeal home staging tips
    Create an outdoor home buyers will love!. elenathewise via Deposit Photos

    Curb appeal and elbow grease can go a long way! Walk around your exterior home and see where your landscaping, front porch, and driveways/sidewalks can be improved. Consider renting a power washer to clean up dirty concrete or pavers around your home. You will be surprised how a power washer can also clean metal gutters and brighten dirty brick on your home. Remove weeds and overgrown shrubs and mow and edge your lawn regularly while selling your home.

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    Put Greater Attention into High-Value Rooms

    Painted kitchen cabinets
    Fresh kitchen colors awaken an older kitchen. Getty Images

    Most buyers are looking for a high return on investment on their future home. This means you should concentrate on making your kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, as well as energy saving appliances stand out. It doesn’t cost anything to ensure your master bedroom and bathroom are clean, tidy and look welcoming. Opening window treatments in the kitchen and ensuring your energy saving appliances are in good working order can help potential buyers see you’ve maintained your home over the years

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    Cheap Home Staging Ideas - Start Packing!

    Cluttered wall storage cheap staging tips
    Start packing belongings to free up visual clutter. Getty Images


    The average household lives with 30-40% more belongings than they really need. This means if you can start packing up out of season clothes, large toys from the kids and your craft room supplies, your house will look larger and the closets will be able to look as though buyers can envision their belongings inside. If you have a basement, utility closet, or free space in your garage, start packing and storing boxes to free up space. Packing boxes early will also help save time once you receive...MORE that offer on your home. You can obtain boxes from supermarkets, clothing companies or ask around at local retail shops for spare boxes.

    Now that you’ve seen how you can start creating a home that is staged to sell with these cheap home staging ideas, it’s time to get to it! From decluttering and removing personal items to painting neutral colors, you will be surprised how your effort and planning can go a longer way than money is needed. If you do have a lower budget, put them into the high-value rooms like the kitchen and master bedroom and bathrooms. Changing outdated lighting fixtures, updating cabinetry hardware, and getting your carpets professionally cleaned before your first showing can impress potential buyers instantly.