Cheap Improvements You Can Make for a Bigger Bedroom

DIY Projects to Help You Live Large

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If you have small bedrooms, chances are you have seen the decor tips on how to make small spaces look bigger, which is some great advice. But if you've got a little time and ingenuity, you can maximize the space in a small bedroom with some simple renovation projects.


This is an often-overlooked element in a room. You need the lighting to be functional, but you can also incorporate it into the design. When you have limited space, it's a great idea to install the lighting directly onto the wall or ceiling, keeping valuable floor and nightstand or desk space for other items.

Wall Sconces

Skill Level: Intermediate

Wall sconces are widely available and fairly easy to install if you have experience with electrical. It can get a little tricky to pull the wires to the correct spot through the wall, so if you are not confident in your skills, go ahead and call an electrician. This type of project is quick, easy and inexpensive, even when you hire a contractor.

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Recessed Ceiling Lighting

Skill Level: Difficult

Recessed cans are typically four to six inches around light fixtures that recess into the ceiling. The installation of these is a bit trickier and involves ladder work, but still rates as medium difficulty on the DIY scale. Pro tip: Get the dimmable LED recessed ceiling lights to enjoy years of great lighting before you have to change the bulb.


Do not attempt this project if you are not familiar with wiring and electrical.

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Natural Lighting

DIY level: Difficult

Natural lighting really does help make your room feel bigger. If you have a small bedroom on the top floor, install a skylight or sun tube to bring the outside in. Bonus: it will draw the eye up, giving the illusion of a taller room. Skylights now come with options, too. You can choose the traditional fixed option, get custom blinds to control the amount of light or get a model that opens manually or electronically to let in the fresh air.

natural lighting
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Built-In Bliss

Lighting makes a big difference in appearance, but the only way to truly maximize the limited space is to customize it with built-in furniture. Since your room dimensions aren't big, your imagination needs to be.

Loft Beds

Skill Level: Intermediate to Difficult

You may have had one of these in college, and it is still one of the best ways to free up floor space in a small room. With the tiny house craze blazing, the loft beds of today have become stylish and comfortable. You can choose to extend the attic or build it right into the wall and use the space underneath for a study area, reading nook, or dressing table.

lofted bed
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Murphy Beds

Skill Level: Beginner

Murphy beds used to be a mainstay in campers, cabins, and guest houses. Modern design has given us horizontal, vertical, and stand-alone models that look great with any decor and can be installed quickly and easily.

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Platform Bed

Skill Level: Beginner

This option is easy on the DIY scale, and you can incorporate another small space design trick—keeping furniture low to the floor—while putting some much-needed storage under the bed. Storage can either be under the mattress with a spring-loaded hardware mechanism or built-in drawers. If you have the room, the drawers are definitely the way to go.

platform bed
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Bookcases and Custom Head Boards

Skill Level: Beginner to Difficult

Building in a bookcase as a headboard Is a genius idea we've seen executed beautifully many times. You can DIY this from scratch or customize ready-to-assemble furniture. Decide if you will want open shelving or will want doors on some or all of the built-in before you start the project. Open shelving is great if you have a sense of style, and can keep it curated and free from clutter. If you are a person who sometimes needs a place to shove things, opt for some doors.

Bed with bookcase headboard and green wall
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Custom Closet Organizer

Skill Level: Beginner

One big problem in small spaces is how quickly they seem to accumulate clutter. Installing a custom closet organizer can help combat this. A clean room does feel bigger!

closet organizer
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