Cheap Party Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Party

Celebrate the New Year with a budget-friendly blowout

Glasses of champagne
Photo by Ira Heuvelman-Dobrolyubova / Getty Images

Beginning a new year in debt is never a good idea. Make it your New Year’s resolution to stay on track with your budget, even before the New Year begins. With these cheap party ideas perfect for a New Year's Eve party, you can host a stylish gathering while keeping your budget intact.

  • Don’t feel you have to decorate. At all. Lit candles and dimmed lights are often enough to create a festive, chic setting–and promote some good ole celebratory smooching at midnight!
  • Create your own confetti to throw at the appointed hour by shredding pages of old magazines. It’s also a great way to upcycle all those old bills and bank statements!
  • We have two words for you who love streamers, Happy-New-Year banners, noisemakers and other fun stuff: Oriental Trading. This place is a treasure trove of cheap decorations and party goods. Before ordering, check online for coupon codes; Oriental Trading will often offer free shipping or other discounts.
  • There’s no need for fancy decorations in a trillion colors. Go all black, all white, or combine for a chic black and white color scheme. Black plates with creamy white cocktails and black glitter sprinkle about a cheap white tablecloth can set a sophisticated party atmosphere.
  • Leftover holiday paper gets a fresh start when used to make shimmery streamer decorations for a New Year's party, like this idea from Martha Stewart.
  • Old clocks placed around the room will infuse a countdown mood. They don’t have to work and can be found for a dime at flea markets and Goodwill stores.
  • Skip the meal and go with hors d'oeuvres, or if you really want a meal, let guests bring the side dishes. By highlighting the food with a crisp tablecloth and pretty platters surrounded by a few candles, you can skip the pricey centerpiece and let the food be the main decoration for the table.
  • Get crafty with items around your home. A metal bucket can be repurposed as a chip station. Old wine bottles make wonderful candle holders. A wooden crate can elevate the booze. Beaded necklaces draped over lights add twinkle and color. Glasses can hold nuts and candies. The possibilities are endless when you decorate with a little creativity!
  • Leftover white or colored Christmas tree lights are never out of style. Use to highlight your party area, and then hang an inexpensive or borrowed disco ball for a fun makeshift club floor.

New Year's Freebies

Free New Year’s printables abound around the web and can be used to decorate everything from bubbly to Brie platters. Here are some for this year, but if these are outdated, more will resurface with a simple web search.