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14 Inexpensive Thrills for the Man on Your Gift List

Getting a gift for the guy in your life often isn't easy. That's why we tracked down 14 possibilities with manly appeal. Many are practical gadgets, like a wheel brush for cleaning his car. Some have old-fashioned goodness, like genuine shaving soap. And all of them are affordable. (Price estimates are good as of August 2018.)

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    Compact Knife Sharpener

    Wusthof Knife Sharpener

    Bonus for you: He'll have every knife in the house sharpened in no time. One good choice is the two-step pocket knife sharpener from Smith's. It's small enough to fit into a pocket or junk drawer and only costs about $6.

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    Tape Measure Keychain

    Pocket Tape Measure

    Is your guy a yard sale junkie? If so, he'll appreciate a tape measure keychain to use to measure potential yard sale treasures on the spot.

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    Shaving Soap

    Colonel Conk's Bay Rum Shave Soap

    Treat your guy to a bar of shaving soap, and show him what a good old-fashioned shave is all about. For a top-rate bar, try the Bay Rum Shave Soap from Colonel Conk.

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    Solar Flashlight Keychain

    Solar Flashlight

    Pick up a solar flashlight key chain for your guy, and he'll never be surprised by dead batteries again. In the age of cellphones, this product seems to be a novelty item of sorts, but judging by the reviews a lot of people get a kick out of them.

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    This handy and inexpensive electronic device tests alkaline batteries for voltage and resistance. He can use it to test all the batteries in the house to determine which ones are still good. 

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    Rechargeable Batteries

    Rechargeable Batteries

    It may sound pretty prosaic as a gift choice, but you'll be saving him the time and aggravation of routine battery replacement. If you match up a coupon with a sale, they won't cost much more than regular batteries.

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    Shop Towels

    Shop Towels

    This gift is as much for you as it is for him. Give him a nice pack of shop towels and you'll never again find your best bath towels out in the garage. 

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    Wheel Brush

    Wheel Brush

    Gently cleans delicate wheel finishes! This bendy brush will help him keep his car in tip-top shape. Maybe he'll use it on your car, too.

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    Bug and Tar Remover

    Bugs and Tar Remover

    Speaking of auto maintenance, nothing is more annoying to a proud car owner than squashed bugs and bits of tar on the finish. They're tough to remove, too, but this special product gets the job done.

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    A Squeegee


    A good squeegee makes it much easier to keep the windshield clean. Give him one with a telescoping handle, and he might even use it on the house windows, too.

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    Waterproof Matches

    Waterproof Matches

    Guys just love survival gear. A box of waterproof matches is a good thing to have on hand, even if he's not really the outdoors type.

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    Coin Rolls

    Coin Rolls

    Are you tired of seeing a mountain of small change cluttering up his bureau top? Get him some coin rolls. They're free for the asking at the bank.

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    A Deck of Cards

    Playing Cards

    A fresh deck of playing cards is a poker game just waiting to happen.

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    Luggage Tags

    Luggage Tags

    If your guy travels a lot, surprise him with a bright-colored luggage tag. It'll save him time at the baggage claim and get him home to you sooner.

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