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Little girl playing with building blocks

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Many families struggle with providing gifts for every single family member, especially when birthdays and holidays roll around. To keep gift items inexpensive, there are many places you can go to get low-cost but quality toys for Christmas, Easter, and other special days. If your family has multiple children, or your child attends many birthday parties throughout the year, buying modest gifts can be a great solution for your wallet. Keep things stress-free with great toys and gifts on an affordable budget.

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    Arts and Crafts (Supplies and Kits)

    Little girl doing arts and crafts

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    One of the most obvious (and smartest) things to do is head to a dollar store or discount section of an arts and crafts store, and stock up on arts and crafts supplies. There's an array of kits and items to collect and make handmade gifts from, and you can even search for tools with a theme in mind. Consider gathering the following materials:

    • Sidewalk chalk
    • Watercolor paints
    • Glue sticks
    • Googly eyes
    • Pom-poms
    • Tissue paper
    • Stickers
    • Construction paper
    • Markers
    • Crayons
    • Colored pencils
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Colored popsicle sticks
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    Collectible Toys

    Disney Tsum Tsum blind bag
    Jakks Pacifiic

    Everyone loves collectible toys. Many boys and girls from various generations have grown up collecting Barbie dolls, Pokemon cards, and other memorabilia to play or trade with their friends. Luckily, there are inexpensive collectible toys from Shopkins and other blind bag toys, which are small and can fit in most children's front pockets and backpacks. Collectibles are fun for kids, causing them even to become obsessed.

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    Kinetic Sand

    Kinetic sand in six different colors

    Keriann Wilmot

    Kinetic Sand is an amazing sensory activity for children of all ages. This sand toy is coated with silicone oil, allowing it to have an elasticity that's playful for kids to use. You can shape and mold the sand better than natural sandbox or beach sand, and then form it into fun sculptures such as sandcastles. This unique toy can be purchased in several different colors in small 6-ounce containers online.

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    Little boy completing jigsaw puzzle

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    There are endless themed puzzles out there, particularly at discount stores such as the Dollar Store or Five and Below. Look for your child's favorite movie or character such as Disney's Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, or popular princess. To add to your gift package, you can pair one of these great 30–50 piece puzzles with another small item such as PlayDoh or a classic game.

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    Playdoh house in a little girl's hands

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    Play-Doh sets are colorful, fun, and creative gifts for children to get their hands into. This modeling compound is often used in arts and crafts projects to make different shapes, textures, and items with. There are even some extra tools and plastic machines you can get to make special objects from, such as fake strings of pasta spaghetti. This is a great option for children who love to use their hands to build things with. Plus, it can be used as an educational tool to learn about basic colors and elements.

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    Action Figures

    Group of collectible action figures

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    Fans of superheroes tend to love action figures. These small items can be great and inexpensive toys to collect over time. Often dramatically posed, these figures are generally made of plastic, and consist of main characters from a movie, comic book, video game, or TV. See which kind of action figure inspires your child:

    • Star Wars
    • Transformers
    • Spider-Man
    • Rescue Bots
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • Marvel's Avengers
    • Paw Patrol
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    Mr. Potato Head

    Star Wars Mr. Potato Head Darth Tater

    Mr. Potato Head is a classic and nostalgic toy for kids ages two and up. Offering plenty of playful possibilities, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are sold individually but work great together. Each set comes with 10 different parts that allow kids to take apart, combine, and get creative with over and over again.

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    Construction Toy Sets

    LEGO Mixel Zorch


    LEGO and Mega Bloks make a variety of small brick-based construction sets that generally include small vehicles, animals, unique characters, and mini figurines. These buildable pull-toys and building blocks stimulate the imagination and help children with learning ability, discovery, and motor skills.

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    Blaster Toys

    NERF Slingstrike Blaster

    Dozens of small blaster toys can add to the toy box for both indoor and outdoor play. Whether a child enjoys NERF, BoomCo, or K'Nex's build-your-own-blasters, there are many small ones to play with that can be a part of a group game activity or just used as target practice. Pick your favorite color and size to make it perfect for your child.

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    Classic Board Games

    Family playing board games

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    Classic board games such as Jenga, Connect 4, and Trouble are generally available at a low price. Collect all the traditional games such as Candyland, Bop It!, Simon, and Chutes and Ladders so you can use them over and over for game nights, parties, and special celebrations.

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    Model Toys

    Kid playing with car toys

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    Collectible model toys use die-cast to make it look like a miniature version of the real thing. Whether it's a firetruck or a convertible car, these toys are made out of metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and other parts to make it look realistic.

    Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars are inexpensive and often go for just a few dollars each. Plus, this is a great gift option, as you can add to your child's car collection without taking up too much space on the shelves.

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    Pretend Makeup

    Little Cosmetics stocking stuffer
    Little Cosmetics

    While you can always be tempted to buy real makeup, these small pretend to play makeup sets have a lot to offer. You can encourage kids to practice the art of putting on sparkly makeup, without it being real.

    These signature sets don't get applied to the skin, allowing kids to get creative and imaginative with items like a shatterproof mirror, glitter pot, blush, and more.