Cheap Toys Under 10 Dollars!

Cheap Birthday Gifts and Cheap Christmas Gifts!

Here's a go-to list of inexpensive birthday gifts which includes some cheap toys for Christmas, too. These days, many families might have multiple children to buy for during the holiday season or throughout the year their children are invited to many birthday parties. Buying gifts for children over time can be quite expensive, but it should not be stressful! Here are some great options of gifts kids will love that allow gift givers to stay within an affordable budget.

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    Head to the dollar store or discount section of the arts and crafts store and stock up on arts and crafts supplies like sidewalk chalk, watercolor paints, glue sticks, googly eyes, pom-poms, tissue paper, stickers, construction paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, pipe cleaners and colored popsicle sticks. There are also great themed arts and crafts kits at the dollar store.

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    Both boys and girls love collectible toys. Shopkins and other blind bag toys are small tiny toys that can often fit in a child's front pocket or backpack. Kids can become obsessed with these collections, but as a parent, they are often inexpensive making them a great impulse buy or an addition to a birthday gift.

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    Kinetic Sand is an amazing sensory activity for children of all ages. It can be purchased in several different colors in small 6 oz containers for under $10. 

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    Head to the Dollar Store and look for themed puzzles featuring Disney characters like Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, and any number of popular Disney Princesses. Pair up these great 30-50 piece puzzles with any other item in this category for an even more expensive looking gift.

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     Play-Doh sets are great for cheap birthday and cheap holiday gifts. Whether you buy a few brand new yellow cans, look for themed playsets, or buy some different tools, you can't go wrong with Play-Doh.

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    For children who are fans of Star Wars, Transformers, SpiderMan, Rescue Bots, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel's Avengers, Paw Patrol, and dinosaurs action figures can be a great, inexpensive toy purchase. 

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    These classic toys, for kids ages 2 and up, offer lots of playful possibilities. Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato head are sold individually, but each set comes with 10 different parts that allow kids to put together and take apart their favorite potatoes over and over again! 

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    LEGO and Mega Bloks make a variety of small brick based construction sets for under $10 that generally include small vehicles, animals, unique characters and mini figures.

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    There dozens of small blaster toys that can add to the arsenal for both indoor and outdoor play. Whether a child enjoys NERF, BoomCo, or even K'Nex build your own blasters, there are many small blaster toys in the $10 range.

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    Classic board games like Jenga, Connect 4, Trouble, Candyland, Bop It!, Simon, and Chutes and Ladders are generally all available for less than $10. 

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    Whether it be Matchbox cars or Hot Wheels cars, die-cast cars generally cost $1-3 each, so for $10, you can dramatically improve a child's car collection, without taking up to much space on shelves.

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    While some might be tempted to buy real make-up, these cute little pretend play make-up sets encourage kids to practice the art of putting on sparkly make-up, without it being real at all.