10 Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas Under $1

DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Natural biodegradable wedding confetti cones, dried delphinium / rose flower petals
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Looking for a cheap wedding favor idea? Then you're going to love these $1-or-less favors, which are still thoughtful and plenty creative. With wedding costs racking up, it'll be nice to DIY something special for your guests, while simultaneously saving money.

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    Tea Bags

    Printable tea bag wrapper
    Botanical Paper Works

    Repackage tea bags in these free, printable wrappers that can be customized with the bride and groom's initials. They're available in three coordinating colors. Use all three colors for an eye-catching display, or choose your favorite color from the set.

    Free Printable Tea Bags from Botanical Paper Works

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    Heart Shape Bird Seed Feeders

    Heart-shaped bird seed feeder
    Plain Vanilla Mom

    Buy a big bag of bird seed and use it to make these heart-shaped bird seed feeders. Finish the feeders off with a compostable twine string for hanging and a tag that says, "From the love birds," signed with your names. It's the perfect way to thank your guests for attending your wedding. This favor works well any time of the year, and it's eco-friendly, too.

    Bird Seed Feeders from Plain Vanilla Mom

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    Painted Rocks

    Painted flower rocks
    Make Your Mark

    Create a bunch of painted garden rocks in your wedding colors. Then, place one at each place setting. Include a tag encouraging your guests to hide them somewhere public, and a hashtag on the underside of each rock, so you can track their movements. Every time someone posts the location of one of the rocks, it'll be a fun way to relive your wedding day. Need some ideas to get you started? Check out Make Your Mark for a step-by-step rock painting tutorial and supply recommendations.

    Planning on lots of wedding guests? Get your friends together for a painting party, and you'll have your favors knocked out in no time.

    Painted Rocks from Make Your Mark

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    Jars of Honey

    Honey wedding favors with printable tags
    Botanical Paper Works

    Purchase several quarts of honey from a local farmer. Pour it into little, 2-oz. jars, and add these cute, customizable (and free) tags. They're available in three colors—black, pink and brown. Print them on cardstock, or order seed paper, so the tags can be planted to help the bees.

    Free Printable Honey Jar Labels from Botanical Paper Works

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    Seed Packets

    Packets of seeds

    Buy flower seeds in bulk. Then, package them in these pretty, printable seed packets. A couple tablespoons of seed in each packet is about right for this project. If you choose perennials flowers, they'll come up year after year, and be a sweet reminder of your wedding day.

    Printable Vintage Seed Packets from MyPrintly

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    Monogrammed Matchboxes

    DIY match box wedding favors
    Bespoke Bride

    Not super crafty? Then, this is the wedding favor for you. Just purchase a bunch of matches (around $1.50 for a package of 10 match boxes). Then, print out these labels from Bespoke Wedding. Cut them out, wrap them around the match boxes, and secure them with a piece of double-sided tape. Easy! There are five colors to choose from, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding something to coordinate with your wedding decor.

    DIY Match Box Wedding Favors from Bespoke Wedding

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    Pillow Box Full of Candy

    Pillowbox template
    Frugal Coupon Living

    Print these cute pillow boxes (cardstock works best) and fill them with the bride and groom's favorite candy, or a candy that coordinates with the wedding colors. These boxes could also be used to hold a couple fresh-baked cookies, mints, or nuts.

    Pillow Box from Frugal Coupon Living

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    Petal Confetti

    Petal confetti
    Wildflower Favours

    Fill paper cones or little glassine bags with dried petals in your weddings colors. Include a label inviting guests to throw the "petal confetti" at you when you depart. This is an eco-friendly alternative to throwing paper confetti, and doubles as a pretty party favor. Use flowers from your own garden, and you'll hardly spend anything at all. Just think of the gorgeous photos you'll end up with if you do this!

    Natural Petal Confetti from Wildflower Favours

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    Pine Cone Fire Starters

    Pine cone fire starter wedding favors

    Dip pine cones in melted wax to create these simple, eco-friendly fire starters. Just match the wax to your wedding colors, and add a tag to finish the whole look off. This is an easy project to finish in an afternoon.

    Pinecone Fire Starter Favors from Evermine

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    Wedding lollipop favors
    Party Delights

    Order a bunch of colorful, swirly lollipops. Then, print these festive lollipop covers for them. If you want to mix and match your party favors, Party Delights also has coordinating candy jar and chocolate coin printables. Just pick up a pack of white card stock, and you'll be set to make all three.

    DIY Floral Wedding Favors from Party Delights