Cheerful Holiday-Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Christmas SPA towels
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It's the time of the year for parties, hosting, lots of food, lots of guests, and, of course, lots of toilet paper needed to deal with all of it. If you're hosting in your home this year and want to make every guest's bathroom time a little more cheerful, holiday decorations will do the trick. Switch out items such as the shower curtain and bath mat, and bring back your regular decor once the holidays are over.

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    Deck Your Shower Curtains

    holiday bathroom decor ideas

    If you have a few extra tree ornaments, hang them along your shower curtain rings for a little cheer. Use all the same ornaments for a streamlined, modern look, or mix up the ornaments for something more eclectic and fun.

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    Hang a Wreath

    holiday decor bathroom

    A simple wreath can turn an ordinary bathroom into Christmas delight. This French country house-style bathroom features a simple, traditional wreath, which is perfect for more traditional decors. If your bathroom decor is more modern, think silver, minimal, and abstract wreaths to match with the mood of your space.

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    Put up a Small Tree

    holiday bathroom decor
    Maison Valentina

    If you have extra space in the bathroom, put up a small tree as a basis for your bathroom holiday decor. You can make it a mini-version of your main tree in the living room, or give the bathroom a theme of its own. Choose ornament colors and styles that match your bathroom's; for example, this luxurious space uses pearls and lights in decadent abundance.

    Luxurious bathroom holiday decor via Maison Valentina

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    Incorporate Red and Green

    holiday bathroom decor

    Simply switching a few white towels for red ones and adding touches of greenery to the bathroom will give the room a festive look. Take it a step further with clever felt toilet paper ribbons and cute snowmen figurines. Also, if you don't want to hang your ornaments along the shower curtain, set them in glass vases and flutes instead.

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    Hang Garlands Around the Mirror

    holiday bathroom decor
    Rotator Rod

    Not everyone has the space for a tree, but you can always install some garlands around the mirror. This is a great way to add decorations without wasting counter or floor space. To make it even jollier, add peel-off holiday-themed stickers or get the kids to draw holiday pictures with erasable markers.

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    Hang up a New Shower Curtain

    holiday bathroom decor
    Cozy Old Farmhouse

    Sometimes you just want to go all in and change the shower curtain to match the season. Why not have a holiday-themed curtain? The folks at the Cozy Old Farmhouse have a project for a cattle feed shower curtain that they adapted to the holidays by adding red stripes and feeding reindeer instead of beef.

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    Incorporate Evergreen Arrangements

    holiday bathroom decor
    Honey We're Home

    If your tastes are subtler, these simple evergreen arrangements in silver vases can add the festive touch without being gaudy. You can even spray some fake snow on top or add a few bits of tinsel or garlands if you want something a bit brighter, but without the trouble of going all-in around the mirror or with an extra tree.

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    Add Some Unique Decor

    holiday bathroom decor
    Funky Junk

    The people at Funky Junk started with a vintage sleigh and turned it into a shelf, decorated with a few sprigs of evergreen, one red ornament, and some candles. The result is a wonderfully retro, rustic yet festive decor item that just screams "old-time Christmas fun around the fire."