Cheerleading Party Games

Cheerleading pom-poms
XiXinXing / Getty Images

Throwing a cheerleading party? Gather guests for a little bit of R and R (Rah! and Rah!) with these cheer-themed party games!

Cheer Charades

Think of this as sort of similar to the classic game of charades, but instead of having to be silent, players must use cheers to describe their chosen topic. Before the game begins, write down several prompts and place them in a hat. Players will pull a prompt out of the hat and in an effort to get other players to guess the answer, make up an impromptu cheer about the subject.

Silly Chants

Create your own cheer-themed mad-libs for this party fave. Type some of the cheerleading squad’s favorite chants, but remove several of the words and replace them with blank spaces. Print enough copies for all of your party guests. For each blank space, ask the players to choose a random replacement word. You can prompt them to choose a noun, verb, adjective, etc., in place of the missing word. Once they have filled in the blanks, have them gather in a circle and chant this new, silly version of the cheer.

Pom-Pom Pick

Fill a large sack with several different colored pom-poms. For each color that is in the bag, fill a matching colored gift bag with small, trinket prizes. Have the players close their eyes and pull a pom-pom from the bag. Once the person has selected a pom-pom, they may go and choose a trinket from the prize bag that matches. To add a little silliness to the game, you may want to add some gag prizes into the mix.

Cheer Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course and designate each section of the course as the place to perform a specific cheerleading motion. For instance, in the first leg of the course, you could have players high-kick their way through, in the second leg they might perform a cartwheel, and in the third, they could run backward while chanting. Divide the guests into two teams and time how long it takes each team to complete the course. The team with the fastest time wins.

Cheerleader Relay Races

There is a variety of choices for cheerleader-themed relay races. For instance, you can use a cheer baton to run a traditional baton-passing relay race. You could also use pom-poms as the passing item in this style of race.

A cheerleading uniform race is another relay in which the kids can compete. Divide players into two teams and give each team a cheerleader’s uniform. One at a time, the players must put on the uniforms, run a designated course and then return to pass the uniforms onto the next members on their teams. The first team to complete the uniform relay wins.

Follow That Cheer

To play this game, have the players sit in a line on the floor. The first player in line gets up in front of the group and makes up a single line chant while performing a cheerleading move. The second player in line then gets up and repeats the cheer and move that the first player made up, and then adds a cheer line and move of their own. The third player gets up and repeats the first two actions, adds their own and the game continues until all of the players have contributed a line and a move to the routine. In the end, all players start from the first move and participate in a step-by-step performance of this new routine.

Blind Cheerleader Makeovers

To play this game, divide players into pairs. Give each pair two cheerleading uniforms, makeup kit, hair accessories, and a blindfold. One member of the team gets to be the cheerleader and the other gets to be the stylist. The catch is that the stylist must wear a blindfold while dressing, styling the hair and putting makeup on the face of the cheerleader.

When the blindfold makeovers are done, players can switch roles and makeover their former stylists in the same blindfolded fashion.