Chemo Hat and Turban Sewing Patterns

Free Sewing Patterns for Chemo Turbans, Hats, Scarves, and More

DIY knotted turban
DIY knotted turban. Abi Porter/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Department stores tend to carry items that are wanted by the general public which can leave things like chemo turbans hard to find. Wouldn't it be nice if there was no need for them? Unfortunately, there is a need and since you sew, you can help fill that need and bring a smile to someone who may be having a hard time finding a reason to smile! These free patterns are offered for non-commercial use, ​not for resale projects. 


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    This wonderful tutorial includes sizes for infants through large adults.  The step by step instructions are very well organized with excellent pictures to guide you through every step.

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    The fantastic illustrations and pictures that accompany the instructions will allow even a beginner to to assemble a pile of these hats for charity in no time flat.  This pattern is free for non-commercial use.

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    This pattern is offered in sizes small, medium, and large. It has also been streamlined for mass production sewing. Make one or make a pile to donate to charity. A pattern that is simple and leaves you smiling, who could ask for more?

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    I have not attempted making this hat and there is no finished photo but it appears to be very simple and only requires one page to print it out with very easy to follow instructions.


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    This cap is a very simple one that you could recruit a sewing group to mass-produce. Beginners can work with this simple version. Since it uses a 1/2 yard of knit fabric, you can raid the scrap bins and come up with a vast assortment of colors and prints for a wide variety.


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    This simple cap is not your typical "chemo cap." It is a simple cap that is worn every day by many people that could easily and comfortably be worn by someone who needs a "chemo cap". If you use this free pattern for non-chemo purposes, please consider making a couple to donate to a local cancer center.


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    Nancy's Notions offers these great instructions for a basic chemo cap. The instructions are professionally written and the illustrations make the instructions easy enough for a beginner to follow. Patterns are offered in small, medium, large and extra large.

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    I instantly envisioned this pattern being used with a group learning to sew. It's a very simple pattern which will expand sewing skills on a beginner and create a very usefully cap at the same time. This pattern is offered in sizes toddler,  small adult and large adult.

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    This pattern is for personal or charity use. I've seen this snood worn for many occasions. I also have a friend with hair braided below her waist that she tucks into a snood which keeps it clean while she does normal task around the house. 


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    The best patterns are designed out of need and this pattern is no exception. When Gail and Nancy discovered just how difficult it can be to find head coverings for chemo patients they set out to create a cap that is fashionable and comfortable. A great charity project for your group or rain evenings.

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    This free pattern from Martha Stewart is offered in sizes adult and child.  The directions are offered in eight easy steps to create a reversible wide-brimmed hat for sun protection and comfort.

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    This free downloadable pattern making software is the perfect solution to make a hat in any size. No more searching for exactly what you want. Use this software and instantly have what you want in the size you want.

Many fabric stores will offer space for a group which wants to sew. Just ask. Use Mass Production Sewing Methods with a group and you'll be amazed just how many caps can be turned out in a few hours. Take the group along or take pictures when you donate the caps so everyone knows that your donation truly is appreciated.