Cheryl Simmons

Cheryl Simmons has been immersed in the carpeting industry her entire life. She enjoys combining her passion for carpet with her love of writing and educating others as an Guide.


Cheryl grew up in the carpeting industry in her parents’ retail flooring store. She began working in the store part-time at the age of 13, and continued to work there throughout her schooling, learning every aspect of the business. Following the completion of her university education, she returned to the store to work full-time, and now runs the store along with her husband and her mother.


Cheryl holds a bilingual Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics from York University.

Cheryl Simmons

I understand how daunting the carpet-buying process can be, from trying to compare products to determining the right type and style for your home. My goal is to empower you by giving you the knowledge you need to make confident decisions about your carpet.

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