10 Ghoulishly Chic Ideas for a Halloween Party

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    10 Ghoulishly Chic Ideas For a Sophisticated Halloween Party

    This year, celebrate Halloween in a more grown-up way. Skip the spooky music and grisly decor, and opt for a more well-designed, upscale party. Here are our favorite ways to mix the ghoul and glam for an unforgettable party. 


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    Go For An Unusual Pumpkin Palette

    The jack-o-lantern is one of the most iconic elements of Halloween decor, which means it's probably time for an update. This Halloween, consider painting your pumpkin. You can avoid the headache of carving (not to mention the mess) while taking your decor in a colorful new direction. These DIY mud cloth patterned pumpkins have a modern color palette and will be a unique centerpiece for your party.

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    Decorate Your Door

    Crepe paper wreath
    Philip Friedman/Studio D

    Wreaths are not just limited to Christmas, you can also have one for Halloween, or any other holiday as well. A chic all-black wreath, like this one from Country Living, is a great way to set the tone for your party when your guest arrives at the front door.

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    Create an Insta-Worthy Spot

    If it wasn't on Instagram, it didn't happen -- right? Create a spooky step-and-repeat for guests to take selfies, glamour shots and group photos to share on social media throughout the night. Simply tack up some wallpaper, like this gold-and-black option from Street Anatomy, or other decor in an easily accessible area for an affordable, hashtag-worthy spot.

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    Offer Masquerade Masks

    gold masquerade mask

    Costumes can be cumbersome to wear all night, and there's always one costume-averse guest who makes the rest of the crowd feel silly for playing dress-up. Instead, encourage your guests to wear cocktail attire and masquerade masks. For your event, have a few extra masks available (we like these pretty options by Soffitta on Etsy) so that you can pass them out when necessary, so everyone can partake in the festivities.

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    Choose Understated Decor

    halloween silhouettes
    Barking Mad Arts/Etsy

    Skip the over-the-top store bought decorations and opt for some understated accessories to add a spooky vibe to your home. These spooky silhouettes will weave in nicely with your everyday home decor. 

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    Add Gothic Touches

    black painted antlers

    When painted black, antlers can be an unexpectedly spooky accent piece to layer in. When arranging the antlers in your space think about placing them on the fireplace mantel, or incorporate them into the tablescape with the hors d'oeuvres. Adding faux cobwebs around the antlers is a fun final touch for an extra eerie Halloween effect.

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    Serve Sophisticated Treats

    When planning a chic Halloween party, look for desserts that are designed for the holiday, but are sophisticated in their look. These delectable cookies are so beautifully crafted you might have a hard time convincing your guests that they are edible. 

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    Create Dramatic Displays

    dark chocolate dessert display
    Style Me Pretty

    Sometimes when decorating, the right color is all you need to get your point across. When arranging your dessert table for the evening, consider an all-black color palette. Dark chocolate has never looked so sinister sitting on top of black cake stands and surrounded by black painted pumpkins. If you want to re-create this look for your affair, just keep it simple. Look for desserts of one color, but in various textures, sizes and shapes. Make sure the tabletop accessories are all one color as well, but in different sizes and heights to add some dimension to the table.

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    Dress Up Your Drinks

    Carry the theme throughout your space, including your bar cart or kitchen area. Adding a few decor items will help keep everything looking uniform but not too playful. Remember your bar cart doesn’t just have to serve drinks. Layer in snacks, extra party masks, and other miscellaneous items to make sure your party goes off without a hitch.

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    Offer a Spooky Sweet Sendoff

    black fortune cookie

    As a goodbye party favor for your guests make sure everyone gets one of these bad fortune cookies. These sinister little treats are made from construction paper and are a simple DIY project to pull off prior to the party for a perfect end to a perfect frightful evening. Make sure to have a little dish by the door, and ask your guests to take one on the way out. Your Halloween party will be a memorable one that your friends will be talking about for the rest of the season.