All Grown Up: Chic Halloween Decor Ideas

Oh Happy Day
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    Designate a Spot...or Two

    Designs by Leigh

    It's easy to get carried away with Halloween decor and spread the cheer everywhere! The problem with that is, then it starts to look too much like a haunted house...and not in a good way. Pick a spot or two, or three even, but then stick to those areas. This coffee table spot is simply adorned by a few stacked pumpkins, a gold skull (must have regardless of the season) and a small cloche with an unnamed body part. When nestled into the natural surroundings of the home, these items are festive but in a subtle, cheeky way. Simple yet effective. 

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    Get Monochromatic

    Persia Lou

    Pro tip: Sticking to a one or two color palettes is the easiest way to make anything look chic; The same can be said about Halloween decor. In this lovely table scape by Persia Lou, everything from the pumpkins to the skulls has been dyed a charcoal gray. This makes everything seamless and will make the modernist in you shriek with delight! This look is super simple, all you need is a visit to any craft or hardware store to pick up a can of spray paint.

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    Get on the Succulent Train

    Simply Happenstance

    Why keep your pumpkin to the mundane life of getting carved and stuffed with a candle? Think outside of the box and turn that pumpkin back into Cinderella! Brighten it up with colorful succulents and put it on your doorstep, or as use a gorgeous centerpiece on your dining table. Green is the new orange anyway.

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    Release Your Inner Boho

    Green Wedding Shoes

    If you're throwing a Halloween soiree but spiderwebs are not your thing, keep it moody and festive with pops of halloween colors in normal decor items. Things like black candlesticks, muted orange, black and wheat throw pillows will do the trick. Break out the black dinner ware, or if you don't have any, use this as your excuse to get some! Remember, Halloween should reflect your personal style.

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    Taste the Halloween Rainbow

    Oh Happy Day

    If you're a colorful person and dark and moody isn't for you, you can still enjoy the season! Don't feel restricted to black and orange. Take this eye catching ombre pumpkin table setting for example. To get the look, just head to your local grocer and buy a bag full of mini pumpkins. Pick your favorite colors and create a rainbow display with your spray painted pumpkins. They don't have to be restricted to the tabletop either. Stuff 'em into your fireplace or sprinkle them down your front steps - sure to make your neighbors "Ooo" and "Ahhh."

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    Get Wreathy With It

    World Market

    Your door is the first thing people see when they come over so that's your first chance to make an impact. There are many chic wreath options on the market and tons of DIY options as well. This black feather wreath from World Market makes a big pop on a white door. High contrast is the key here. If your door is a dark color, make or find a gold or silver pumpkin wreath for a big impact. If you want to kick it up another notch, don't use a wreath hanger, get a large ribbon to hang it for a classy touch.

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    When in Doubt, Make Art

    Ella Claire

    Gallery walls are all the rage these days, so why not get spooky with it? Find some creepy printables online; Etsy is a great place to start. Print them out on vintage colored printing paper and hang! This gallery wall uses mousetraps as hangers but you can opt for simple picture clips mounted to the wall or hang them in frames. This is a super creative and easy way to incorporate Halloween into your home decor.