13 Modern Boho Design Nurseries

Modern Nurseries With Bohemian Charm

Stylish scandinavian kid room interior with toys, teddy bear, plush animal toys, mint armchair, furniture, decoration and child accessories. Brown wooden mock up poster frames on the wall. Template
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Bohemian nursery décor is one of a kind. It’s vintage, eclectic, and entirely personal. What’s more, this rich and unusual style is making a comeback, boasting a fresh, modern vibe.

Modern boho design combines bohemian traditions with contemporary appeal, creating a cleaner, more casual look. It’s the perfect blend of rustic comfort and extravagant luxury, with a healthy dose of worldly goodness to boot!

Whether you’re a born wanderer or just an artist at heart, a beautiful boho style nursery may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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    A Shift to Neutral

    Modern bohemian nursery with floor bed
    A Cup of Jo.

    While traditional bohemian décor brings to mind rich color and dark cozy rooms, the new boho chic takes a light and airy approach, embracing neutral palettes and open spaces. Whitewashed walls and natural wood floors provide a clean, gender-neutral canvas on which to layer colorful textiles and eclectic accessories.

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    Pattern Love

    Bohemian boys room with bold wallpaper pattern
    Home My Design.

    Bold pattern choices are quintessentially boho design. Think large-scale Moroccan patterns, flirty florals, and colorful prints​ carefully mixed and matched to create a rich and eclectic blend.

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    Natural Attraction

    Plant ideas for modern boho nurseries
    Dream House Inspiration, Hundred Layer Cake and Tapas na Lingua.

    A beautiful houseplant brings a breath of fresh air to any space. If your nursery is large, a dramatic potted plant can make the perfect statement. Short on space? Try placing colorful cacti or tiny terrariums of succulents onto shelves and other out-of-the-way places, or use them to create a living wall or mobile. Hanging plants are another excellent option and have the added benefit of being too high for curious hands to reach.

    Some plants—even common houseplants—can be harmful if ingested by children or pets. Before you buy any plant for your nursery, do your homework and make sure it’s safe.

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    Cozy Textiles

    Modern bohemian kid's room.
    Apartment Therapy.

    Opulent rugs and layers of beautiful, varied fabrics are a must in any bohemian-inspired space. Comfort in the form of all things soft and cushy is key.

    Assorted blankets and a sea of mismatched throw pillows make this tiny toddler bed the perfect place to curl up and catch an afternoon nap. An elaborate canopy pieced together with different fabrics gives the space a homey yet luxurious feel.

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    Texture-Rich Treasures

    Floral kid's room with a bohemian vibe

    Boho style creates an unlikely balance, pairing palatial comforts with all things organic and earthy. Look for natural materials like burlap and sisal, and mix and match them with rich silks and chenilles. Pair sleek leather and soft furs with crystal and metallic accessories; dress rustic wooden floors with luxurious rugs.

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    Layered Rugs

    Modern boho nursery with layered rugs
    Jennifer Skog/Pinterest.

    As any true disciple of bohemian style will tell you, when it comes to rugs, one is never enough. Use a varied assortment of small rugs to highlight different areas or layer rugs in different colors and textures.

    This boho nursery features a lux fur accent rug strewn across a tightly woven, Southwestern-print area rug. The contrast creates a rich and vibrant look.

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    Bohemian nursery with cultural influences
    The Glittering Plain.

    Want to bring a touch of old-world, European charm into your nursery space? A tapestry will do the trick!

    Tapestries make for a gorgeous focal point in any room, adding color and texture and creating a rich sense of warmth and coziness. Choose a traditional weave or opt for a beautiful macramé piece. You could even hang a vintage floor rug from your local thrift store!

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    Macramé Art and Accents

    Macrame craft ideas for modern bohemian nurseries
    Polka-knot, Buttermilk Design Co., From Agnes, and Pam Powers Knits

    Macramé is back and more beautiful than ever. This traditionally bohemian art form is popping up everywhere and with so many DIY tutorials available, there’s never been a better time to get knitting!

    Create a simple collection of hanging plant hammocks for your nursery, or craft your own stunning tapestry. All thumbs when it comes to crafting? You’ll find a large assortment of these beautiful bohemian treasures available on Etsy.

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    Eclectic Furnishings

    Eclectic, boho nursery
    Apartment Therapy.

    If you love matching furniture, a bohemian style nursery is not for you. A bohemian space is anything but matchy-matchy. It’s a perfectly curated collection of mixed and matched pieces blended into one cohesive look.

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    Comfortable Floor Beds

    Boho chic take on IKEA's classic KURA toddler bed
    The Jungalow..

    Low beds loaded with pillows and soft blankets really capture the bohemian aesthetic and provide a safe and comfortable place for toddlers to sleep. Choose an understated bed frame with a low, easy-to-access mattress or place your little one’s bed directly on the floor. An elegant canopy or bed curtains can add the perfect touch, creating a sense of coziness.

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    Kid-Friendly Floor Seating

    Modern Boho nursery with cozy bohemian floor lounge
    Photo via Handmade Charlotte.

    A comfy bohemian-style floor lounge is the perfect place for your toddler to catch a quick snuggle or curl up with a well-loved picture book. Create a cozy nest for your little one with rich furs and shaggy rugs, or use a mattress pad to create a simple floor bed. Don’t forget to cover your creation with lots of fluffy throw pillows!

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    International Flair

    Bright and modern bohemian nursery
    Captain and the Gypsy Kid.

    Want to instill your child with a healthy dose of bohemian wanderlust? Show baby adventure and the world without ever leaving the nursery! This bohemian paradise is full of worldly wonders, and each treasure, from the ornate traditional clothing to the full-size sitar, has a unique story to tell.

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