10 Ways to Decorate a Chic and Minimal New Year’s Eve Party

Three Champagne glasses with sparklings, yellow lights in the background
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    Chic and Minimal New Year’s Eve Party

    Table of New Years party

    New Year’s Eve is full of potential — it’s an evening that signifies the end of a life chapter while giving us all an opportunity to pledge our goals and desires for new beginnings. But beyond opportunities for the future, New Year’s Eve is also a great opportunity for interior enthusiasts to showcase their decorating skills.

    One of the great things about decorating for this holiday is that there are no set rules or expectations—you have creative liberty to do anything you want without detracting from the party. For instance, if you’re a more is more type of decorator, you can include glittery accents until your heart’s content and no one will raise an eyebrow on this holiday fit for festive flair.

    That being said, if a minimal aesthetic is more your speed, it’s not always easy to integrate the glitz and glamour characteristic of this occasion without sacrificing your pared-back sensibilities. But it’s every bit possible. We promise.

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    Make Your Own Inflatable Clock

    Couch with NYE balloons above it with party on it
    Studio DIY

    These DIY clock decorations are what decor goals are made of. Equal parts chic and timeless (pun intended), they’ll enhance any party with elegance and style.

    DIY Balloon Clock Decorations from Studio DIY

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    Bring Glitz to Your Balloons

    Balloons on wall above party table
    Honey & Fitz

    To keep decor chaos to a minimum, it helps to think outside the box like Dina from Honey & Fitz. Here, a handful of balloons make chic, bubbly decor while being contained to one wall, which provides all of the decorative benefits without encroaching on precious square footage.

    DIY Assorted Balloons from Honey & Fitz

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    Add Glamour to Your Glasses

    Champagne glasses with gold glitter
    Pumpkin and a Princess

    What’s a New Year’s Eve party without champagne? No party at all. Give your bubbly the glittery presentation it deserves by treating a set of plastic flutes to this insanely easy and incredibly compelling idea.

    DIY Glitter Champagne Glasses from Pumpkin and a Princess

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    Bring Glitz to Your Balloons

    Balloons dipped in glitter
    My Sister’s Suitcase

    Speaking of glitter, dipping your balloons in it will instantly transform them from average to awesome. All it takes is a little adhesive and a few minutes, and your minimal party will be that much more glamorous.

    DIY Glitter Balloons from My Sister's Suitcase

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    Make Monochrome Magic

    Pink party table set with stars above it

    Monochromatic color stories are basically made for a minimal aesthetic and a New Year’s Eve party is no exception. For an ultra-chic design, try an all-rose gold theme; it’ll keep visual chaos at bay while bringing all of the trendy party vibes.

    DIY White Winter Wonderland from Holidappy

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    A Little Sparkle Goes a Long Way

    CHEERS hanging on wall over table
    A Beautiful Mess

    One of the great things about sparkly decor is that you don’t need much of it to make a striking statement. Buy a simple banner like this one, add some glitter, and say goodbye to your minimal NYE decor woes.

    DIY Sequin Letter Garland from A Beautiful Mess

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    Beautify Your Bar

    Balloons over table against wall
    The Tomkat Studio

    Decorating your bar is a simple way to make a stunning splash, and if you’re like many of us without the luxury of a full-on bar, take a page from The Tomkat Studio's book and create one yourself with a basic table and a few decorations.

    DIY New Years Eve Bar from The Tomkat Studio

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    Little Bottles and Drink Stirrers

    Mini champagne bottles in plastic cups
    Julie Blanner

    Miniatures are never a bad idea, especially when those miniatures come in the form of champagne. Purchase a few plastic cups, some mini bubbly bottles, and a set of drink stirrers and the result will be low-maintenance and highly-enviable functional decor.

    DIY Swank Stir Sticks from Julie Blanner

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    Make Your Own Confetti Wand

    Balloon with the words pop, fizz, clink
    Hunted Interior

    A minimalist is all about combining form and function, and this DIY decor idea does it beautifully. These homemade confetti sticks will look great on display before midnight and they’ll look even better as they explode sparkly confetti in the air as the clock strikes 12.

    DIY Confetti Wands from Hunted Interior

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    Elevate Your Noisemakers

    Most noisemakers do a great job making noise but not a very good job looking chic doing it. Forgo the bright and tacky colors often found on these party enhancers in favor of a more sparkly alternative. All you need are a few minutes and the desire to add more sparkle to your chic soiree.

    DIY Glittery Party Horns from Such Pretty Things