7 Cheap and Chic Ways to Dress Up Walls Without Paint

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    Ingenious Ways to Spruce Up Walls


    There’s no such thing as hassle-free painting. It’s a messy, fumy, and time-consuming project.

    These ideas will dress up your home's walls without using a lick of paint. Each one will also stylishly hide unsightly eyesores like holes, dings, and dents.

    Shown here is blogger Agnes Hammar hiding nasty stains and nicks on a rental apartment's wall using DIY peel and stick "confetti."

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    DIY Washi Tape Decor

    washi tape wall decor
    Everything Emily Blog

    Here's an idea that spruces up boring white walls and your décor, while covering up small holes created by picture frame hangers.

    Emily, from Everything Emily Blog, used black washi tape to create a repeated plus pattern. 

    If you're not in the know, Washi tape is a decorative masking tape made from Japanese rice paper. Crafters love it because It comes in gazillion colors, patterns, and sizes. Plus while it's surprisingly durable, it's a cinch to remove.

    For the best results,...MORE you'll want to work on a clean surface so remove dirt and dust from your wall using a gentle cleaner or clean damp rag. When it's dry, you're ready to tape.

    How much does this magical tape cost? Prices vary based on style and width. A 30-yard starter pack, which usually includes three 10-yard rolls, starts at around $5.00.  

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    Create a Post-It Note Masterpiece

    post it notes wall art

    Yep, this colorful mural of Kanye West was made using Post-it Notes in colors from the Electric Glow Collection. It was created by two roommates, Emily Duda, and Jamie Accashian, using just the little sheets of paper. You can check out more photos here.

    How much did this project cost? While we're not sure how many Post-its were used, we do know a 14-pad pack costs around $20.

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    Turn Your Walls Into an Inspiration Board

    Decorate Walls with Book and Magazine Pages

    You can create an inspiring wall covering that you can update whenever the mood strikes using pages from magazines and your sketchbook.

    But don't reach for the transparent office tape when it's time to hang it up all. Instead, use colorful washi tape as shown. It has better sticking power and adds pops of color.

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    Turn Your Photos Into a Faux Brick Wall

    Photo wall

    If you have a gazillion digital photos you want to display, you can print them all out and DIY this mesmerizing photo wall.

    The layout shown here resembles a brick wall. What's the trick that makes this arrangement work? Each horizontal line was created using photos that are the same size.

    What is the out of pocket costs for a project like this? It all depends on what you pay for ink.

    FYI, if you have a postcard collection, this idea will let you show them off.

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    Cover Your Walls With Fabric


    Dressing up walls with fabric can be done a few different ways. 

    The idea shown here covers an unsightly wall with a curtain. Don't want to mess with a curtain rod? You can staple fabric directly onto a wall.

    You can also use fabric and starch to create removable DIY wallpaper. For more details, check out the tutorials I collected on my DIY décor board on Pinterest.

    Want to save money when you buy fabric? Flat bed sheets are usually much cheaper than buying material by the yard.