Child Custody Information for Fathers

There are few greater challenges for a dad going through a divorce than dealing with the legal system in determining the custody of his children.  The whole process is laden with emotion and the potential for hard feelings, hurt and distrust.  Fathers who are working on gaining sole or joint custody of their children following a divorce will find resources to help in their efforts. Check here for information on custody laws, ideas to strengthen your cases, and ways to avoid losing custody.

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    Dad and Son Reading Together
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    With an ever increasing legal trend toward joint custody or mutual custody, fathers need to know what it takes to make joint custody a good solution for them, their kids and their kids' mom.   Find out how to set up a joint custody agreement and how to effectively manage it for your benefit and the good of your children.

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    Child Custody Definition

    Child Custody Hearing
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    Find out what the courts mean when they talk about custody.  This definition will help you see custody issues through the eyes of the legal system.  As you have a better understanding of the legal definition of child custody, you can better work with your family law attorney.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Parental Alienation

    Children and Divorce
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    Parental alienation can be devastating for a father and his children.  Learn about parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome. Find out why it happens, how it happens, and what you can do about it if you believe your children's mom is working to alienate them from you.

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    Single Father
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    Child custody disputes frequently arise during divorce proceedings. However, it is possible for a custody dispute to arise between parents in same-sex relationships or parents who never married. Often times, grandparents might petition the court for custody of grandchildren. The court will handle these matters on a case-by-case basis, based on specific state law.

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    Divorced Father with Son
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    Generally, separated or divorced parents are either seeking sole or joint legal and/or physical custody.  Find out about the various options for how to handle the process of determining custody and how to work with the system once the decision has been made.

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    Father with Family Law Attorney
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    Navigating the legal system as it relates to divorce and child custody is overwhelming for most fathers.  Each state has different laws related to child custody and the advice you get from friends in other states may not apply in your own area. Find the child custody laws for all 50 states and learn whether or not your state presumes joint custody.

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    Home Evaluation
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    The custody evaluation process is nerve-wracking for any parent. Your life is laid bare, your home is inspected and your parenting is under scrutiny.  Make sure you know what to expect and that you are thoroughly prepared for your custody evaluation.

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    Parenting Plans for Child Custody
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    Having a good parenting plan is essential for divorced fathers that are sharing custody with their children's mother. They define all the ground rules and establish legal rights and responsibilities.  Learn what needs to be in a parenting plan and what fathers need to know before agreeing to a parenting plan.  And find out how to manage the parenting plan once it is in place.  

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    Hostile Aggressive Parenting
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    Many dads have witnessed hostile aggressive parenting and have been victims of this approach to driving wedges between parents and children.  What is hostile aggressive parenting? How is it different than parental alienation? What do fathers need to know about hostile aggressive parenting, particularly when trying to manage custody relationships after a divorce?

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    Review of Rabies Mom

    Rabies Mom
    Rabies Mom, LLC

    A book review of Rabies Mom by Jack McGowan and Pat Carroll. This book tells a hear-wrenching story of divorce, child neglect and the resultant fight for custody by Pat Carroll to save his children.  This book can help any dad understand the ramifications of a child custody battle and how to make the process work better for his kids when he tries to get the children out of a toxic environment with their mother.