Top 7 Children's Ride On Toy Vehicles

Kids love ride-on toys! It is their first step towards independence. They love to imitate their older brothers or sisters who sail along comfortably on their bigger bikes, but it is important to find them a bike that is not only fun, but safe for their age.  Selecting the right ride-on for your child can be a tough decision. Here are a few top kids' ride-on toys for children which they are sure to love! Always make sure to supervise children outside and purchase a helmet for your children to...MORE wear securely when riding any bike.

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    The YBike Pewi is perfect for children learning to take their first steps with help as they push the bike from behind. It is a great bike that grows with a child's skills over time as older toddlers and preschoolers will love whizzing across the floor and spinning around in circles. 

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    Battery operated ride-on toys generally move at a maximum speed of approximately 5 mph, moving forward as well as backward on road, grass or relatively easy to move on surfaces. Some feature a real working radio and a digital clock, making the youngsters feel even more like grown-ups! Plan ahead, the battery requires a substantial initial charging time of 18 hours. It is best to keep the battery charging overnight after use. 

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    3-wheel-scooters are great for toddlers who love watching their older siblings scooter around the yard, but who haven't yet developed their balance. The Radio Flyer Scooter also let's kids customize their scooter by color and accessories. Here are some safety tips for riding scooters.  

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    May children don't want to pedal their own bikes, but they want to ride-along to the fun. The EZ Fold Radio Flyer is a classic wagon for the young ones. This big and spacious wagon is the ultimate in luxury wagons! Your child will really enjoy cruising along in style. There's enough room for 2 kids, some toys and this wagon folds easily to fit in the trunk of a vehicle.

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    The Mobo Tot is a smaller toddler size version of the popular Mobo Mini Cruiser. Low to the ground, cruiser bikes are another great alternative for toddlers who haven't quite developed their balance. Kids can place their feet on the pedals, while parents push along from behind, or steer on their own by moving the handlebars from one side to another. This is a well-made bike that will entertain children for decades and certainly be passed on from one generation to the next.

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    Many children have a difficult time reaching the pedals when riding a tricycle. The Grow With Me Trike has an adjustable seat and pedals so children can have success riding at younger ages, but have one bike for a long time.

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     For a decade kids have enjoyed being pushed around the mall and neighborhood with the push-around buggy. Storage space in the trunk allows kids to bring along their toys, snacks, change of clothes, beach toys or even a picnic lunch.