Chill Sack Review

A bean bag chair that caters to all ages, providing ultimate comfort

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Chill Sack 5 Ft Bean Bag Chair

Chill Sack

 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

What We Like
  • Super soft and comfortable

  • Great for all ages 

  • Made with high-quality materials 

  • Cover is machine washable 

  • Wide range of colors

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey 

  • Heavy

  • Strong chemical smell after opening  

  • Assembly required

The Chill Sack is big, comfortable, stylish, durable, and comes in a variety of colors and fabrics sure to please any buyer on the market searching for the perfect bean bag chair. 


Chill Sack 5 Ft Bean Bag Chair

Chill Sack

 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

We purchased the Chill Sack so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

If you’ve ever visited a college dorm, it’s likely you spotted at least one bean bag chair. These super comfy chairs make for the perfect temporary furniture pieces in dorm rooms. But believe it or not, there’s also a ton of options that appeal to adults too. We tested out the Chill Sack to check out its comfort level, ease of cleaning, durability, price, size, style, and recommended age range. Keep reading to see what we found. 

Material: Strong cover fabric, long-lasting memory foam filling 

The Chill Sack offers three options for the upholstery fabric: microsuede, pebble microfiber, and ultrafur. We tried out their most popular option—the microsuede. This type of material is extremely durable, and it is the furniture’s best-selling fabric. It’s moisture-resistant, breathable, machine washable, and really comfortable as well. The fabric is also double stitched for durability. We found that it was really soft to the touch and felt sturdy at the same time—two qualities that don’t always go hand in hand. 

Chill Sack
 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

This bean bag is filled with shredded memory foam. The filling is heavy-duty and won’t lose its shape over time, as most bean bags do. The only downside of the memory foam that we noticed was the initial smell. It has an odd, chemical-like odor that takes a while to wear off. It took about a full month for the odor to go away completely. It had a significant odor for about two weeks before it started to gradually dissipate. 

Texture: Soft, cozy cover and filling

The microsuede texture of the cover is super soft and comfortable. It almost feels like velvet because it has a similar silkiness. The soft material makes it feel really cozy. I felt wrapped in warmth and comfort. 

This bean bag chair was filled exactly to the right capacity. It wasn’t overstuffed, nor was it lacking in filling for there to be empty spaces. When we sat in the chair, it easily conformed to the shape of our body while still offering support.

Chill Sack
 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

The combination of the Chill Sack’s fabric and the filling made for a really comfortable chair. We found that we could easily get in and out of the chair without being swallowed up.

Design: Casual, but sleek 

Like most bean bags chairs, the Chill Sack has a casual look, but still manages to look velvety sleek. Its high-quality material allows it to fit in the living room or bedroom. Yet, because it also has a casual look, it can easily match up well within playroom or game room. 

One of the downsides of this bean bag chair is that it’s difficult to move around. We highly recommend you choose the spot for the bean bag chair before assembling it. It’s hard to move once it has fully expanded. The Chill Sack weighs over 50 pounds. The way the weight is distributed makes it extremely challenging to move from room to room. We attempted to move it from the bedroom to our downstairs living room, but it didn’t fit through the door frame. We had to leave it in the same room where we assembled it. 

Assembly: Some assembly required 

When receiving this product, it comes completely compressed in a bag that is super heavy and dense. We had to roll it around to get it to the room we wanted it in because it weighs a lot. 

Chill Sack
The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell 

To set up the Chill Sack, the user must unzip the outer black bag to find the actual bean bag that has a light brown covering. The outer cover is placed inside the black bag (which can get tossed after opening) in a separate plastic bag. The bean bag is shriveled up, and the user must roll it out and move it around to help it expand. After it’s expanded, the user can put the outer cover on the bag and zip it on using the dual zippers. It takes about four to five days for the bag to fully expand and reach its full size. 

Washing: Removable cover for machine wash

The Chill Sack’s cover is machine washable. The user must remove the cover from the Chill Sack to be able to place it in the wash. To properly wash the microsuede, the manufacturer recommends washing on a cool, gentle cycle with the zipper closed and drying it on low or air drying. 

Though the material is resistant to water, stains, and discoloration, we found that it seems to absorb body odor. Because it’s a softer material, it also easily collects hair, and dust and should be brushed off and washed regularly. 

Extra features: 3-year warranty, tons of colors to choose from

The Chill Sack comes with a full replacement, 3-year warranty. It covers any defects of the bean bag and the cover.  

The Chill Sack also comes in a wide range of colors. There are both neutral and more vibrant colors to fit a variety of personalities and homes. We found this to be really appealing to be able to choose from so many color options so we could match it with our home decor. 

Recommended Age: All ages will enjoy this bean bag chair

From children to adults, this bag is great for all ages. It is safe for children because it has a removable outer cover that surrounds the actual bean bag chair, which houses the memory foam. Therefore, breaking into the memory foam is less likely with the double layers. Plus, there is a dual zipper on the outer cover to secure it. 

It’s sure to please a wide range of personalities and home color schemes.

Considering the size is 5 feet by 5 feet, we found that this bean bag chair easily fits one adult. There’s not much room for two adults. Since we put it in our bedroom, it’s become our new spot for reading and doing computer work instead of having to use the home desk all the time. 

Price: Paying for higher quality 

The Chill Sack ranges in price depending on the selected color and fabric. Some varieties are as low as $150 whereas the more popular varieties cost around $190. Typically, you can get a decent bean bag chair for around $100. The price increases for higher quality bean bags, and that’s what we found with the Chill Sack. Though it’s a bit pricey, it’s worth it in exchange for the high-quality materials it’s made from, the comfort it provides, and the overall look. 

Chill Sack vs. Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair

The Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair (view on Big Joe) is a cheaper alternative to the Chill Sack. In terms of pricing, it’s on the lower end, retailing for around $60. The Big Joe also caters to a specific audience with its vibrant color offerings and fun, kid-friendly design and size. It is a great addition to a playroom, game room, or college dorm. It’s also durable, resistant to stains and water, making it perfect for the little ones. 

Chill Sack
 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

However, the low price comes at the cost of comfort, size, and quality. It’s a lot smaller than the Chill Sack, measuring 58 x 46 x 8 inches, and uses a cheaper filling that will need to be replaced eventually. The Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair is also a lot stiffer and much less comfortable than the Chill Sack. The justification for this purchase would be if it’s for your children and you’re looking for something inexpensive. 

Final Verdict

 Yes, buy it.

The Chill Sack is totally worth purchasing whether for yourself or for your kids. It’s ultra-comfortable, durable, made with high-quality materials, is kid-friendly, and comes in a variety of color options and fabrics. It’s sure to please a wide range of personalities and home color schemes. 


  • Product Name 5 Ft Bean Bag Chair
  • Product Brand Chill Sack
  • Price $187.49
  • Weight 55 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 5 x 5 x 2.5 ft.