Greetings from China: Disney Toys from Abroad

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    Meet Kurhn, the Barbie of China

    Disney Meets Kurhn, China's Fashion Doll
    Disney Meets Kurhn, China's Fashion Doll. Kurhn/Disney

    Meet Kurhn, the Barbie of China! Made by Guangdong Kurhn Toys, these lovely Chinese fashion dolls have made quite a name for themselves in China and abroad since their 2004 debut. According to the company, Kurhn was the first doll to be "owned, designed, produced and sold independently by a local enterprise in China". The dolls are quintessentially Chinese in look and styling.

    Based on my own experience, 11" Kurhn's are well produced and have stunning faces that stand out among fashion dolls released in the United States. Their bodies are articulated. Some Kurhns have elbows and knee joints, but most come with arms and legs that are less articulated. Even so, the less articulated bodies (that have shoulder and hip joints) have weight to them and feel like they're made with quality materials. They even allow Kurhn to stand on her own if you can position her right. The dolls are so popular in China that they've partnered with companies like Disney to create some adorable fashion dolls! Click through to see a few of these fantastic looking Kurhn's themed around (you guessed it) Disney!

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    Disney 90th Anniversary Fashion Mickey Doll Gift Set #6115

    Minnie Mouse Themed Kurhn
    Minnie Mouse Themed Kurhn. Kurhn/Disney

    This Kurhn honors 90 years of Disney magic! She has long brown hair with bangs and wears a simple, but stunning red dress decorated with a flocked Minnie Mouse. Upon her head sits red Minnie Ears with a bow. If the picture rings true, she comes on an articulated body, making her very easy to pose!  See another variation of her here. This Kurhn is a great example of why I love this line. She's simple, with a make up free face and plain hair, but is so striking!

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    Kurhn & Party Minnie Fashion Doll Set #6091

    Kurhn & Party Minnie Fashion Doll Set #6091
    Kurhn & Party Minnie Fashion Doll Set #6091. Kurhn/Disney

    This is a great doll to consider picking up one day, because not only do you get the doll dressed in one super cute Minnie inspired look, but you get two other outfits with mix and match leggings to use on other 11" fashion doll!  The Kurhn and Party Minnie Fashion Doll has wavy black hair and bangs. She wears token Minnie ears and has some very cute outfits to change her into! My favorite outfit is the long blue shirt dress. I love it!

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    Kurhn & Fashion Minnie At Summer Beach #6098

    Kurhn & Fashion Minnie At Summer Beach #6098
    Kurhn & Fashion Minnie At Summer Beach #6098. Kurhn/Disney

    What I love about Summer Beach Kurhn is her adorable swimsuit! It's so colorful.  Kurhn is decked out in a colorful Minnie Mouse inspired swimsuit, complete with Minnie Mouse ears, a sarong, shoes and the cutest Minnie Mouse beach bag around. From the looks of it, she comes on a non-articulated body, meaning while she can move her shoulders and legs, she doesn't have knee or elbow joints. Unlike the first two Kurhn's featured in this post, this doll has a short bob with bangs. I love the short haired Kurhn's, myself!

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    Kurhn & Fashion Minnie Make Up Room Collection #6107

    Kurhn & fashion minnie make-up room collection #6107
    Kurhn & Fashion Minnie Make Up Room Collection #6107. Kurhn/Disney

    As if coming with a fashion doll and an adorable extra outfit wasn't enough, the Make Up Room Collection comes with furniture to really help you dress your scene! In this set, you get a make up table, accessory shelf, drawers and a dress form that's perfect for the extra red dress included in this playset. Buy the matching bed set here! I love nearly every element in this playset, but my favorite piece is probably the extra red dress. It's adorable!

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    Kurhn & Classic Minnie Glamorous Lady Doll #6099

    Kurhn & classic minnie glamours lady doll #6099
    Kurhn & classic minnie glamours lady doll #6099. Kurhn/Disney

    Glamorous lady is right! This Kurhn has amazingly sculpted hair and a fun and funky outfit to boot! I especially like the 'Minnie' headband she's wearing. She has the classic Kurhn face with a little extra pizzazz around the eyes. Her hair looks amazing, though children may not enjoy it so much, as you can't style it, like you can the long, straight haired Kurhns.

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    Kurhn & Mickey and Minnie Collection #6100

    Kurhn & mickey & minnie collection doll toy #6100
    Kurhn & mickey & minnie collection doll toy #6100. Kurhn/Disney

    If you're looking for something a little more elegant and high end, this Mickey and Minnie Collection Kurhn is for you. Her red strapless dress is amazing with tons of layers to it. Each layer has a cute image of Mickey and Minnie gazing at each other and holding hands. Her updo is of a classic nature and her face looks stunning. It's a very elegant doll that is meant more for display than play.

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    Kurhn & Minnie Mouse Outfit Collection #6111-1

    Kurhn Minnie Mouse Outfit Collection
    Kurhn Minnie Mouse Outfit Collection. Kurhn/Disney

    The Minnie Mouse Outfit Collection Kurhn wears a look that you may not immediately recognize as a Minnie Mouse inspired outfit. But her accessories scream Disney! In this incarnation, Kurhn's black hair is pulled into a side ponytale, no bangs. While she doesn't sport Mickey ears, she does wear Minnie's famous red bow in her hair. This set comes with an extra outfit and lots of extra purses and shoes for your Kurhn.

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    Kurhn & classic minnie doll (3 outfits included, plus food items) #6102

    Kurhn & classic minnie doll (3 outfits included, plus food items)
    Kurhn & classic minnie doll (3 outfits included, plus food items). Kurhn/Disney

    If there's one thing you can say about Kurhn dolls, it's this: they love adding extra outfits to doll sets. This bang-less, wavy haired Kurhn comes with not one, not two, but three extra outfits for your Kurhn or any other similarly sized fashion doll. On top of that, she comes with stickers and play food items scaled to look great with your doll. My favorite outfit in this set is the one she's boxed in. I love the cute and innocent look the outfit has. It works so well with her make up free face.

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    Kurhn Outfits
    Kurhn Outfits. Kurhn/Disney

    If you are looking for a cute 11" fashion doll outfit, but aren't keen on Kurhn's look, guess what? They sell outfits separately. You can buy a number of different outfits like the ones linked here: Outfit 1, Outfit 2, Outfit 3, Outfit 4, Outfit 5, Outfit 6, Outfit 7, Outfit 8.

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    Mini Dolls, Dudy

    Mini Doll Dudy
    Mini Doll Dudy. Kurhn/Disney

    For those of you who aren't into 1/6 scale dolls and tend to prefer tiny small dolls, the company behind Kurhn has you covered. To be honest, I'm not sure what to call these guys exactly, so I'm going to settle with Mini Doll, Dudy. They're cute, chibi scaled dolls that are 9.5 cm tall. There are a few different sets like the following: Mickey and Minnie, Cosplay Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, and others.

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    Where Can You Find Kurhn Dolls?

    Kurhn Fashion Dolls
    Kurhn Fashion Dolls. Kurhn/Disney

    What you've seen in this slideshow is only a small selection of Kurhn's. I highly recommend you check out the other dolls in this line. They have pretty faces and most importantly are well made. And really, you can't go wrong with these Disney collabs-- they're all just too cute! You can find Kurhn's in a number of places. Certain stores at Walt Disney's Epcot theme park (China section) will sell Kurhn's. If you can't make it to the park, online stores like eBay, China Sprout, Tiny Frock Shop and AliExpress all are great places to check out. China Sprout and the Tiny Frock Shop are based in the US. Their selection is a bit few and far between though, when compared to China based AliExpress and their Official Kurhn Store.