Chinese Chicken Recipes

Orange Chicken
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Chicken is one of the most popular ingredients in Chinese cuisine. Chinese people use all parts of the chicken including the feet and even the crown to make really delicious dishes. Here are some delicious and interesting chicken recipes commonly found in Chinese cuisine. I hope you enjoy them.


Almond Boneless Chicken

This dish is also known as War Su Gai. War Su Gai is a Chinese-American dish and it’s deep-fried chicken that is coated with gravy and garnished with almonds.


Asparagus Chicken Stir-fry

Simple but classic Chicken stir fry dish. It’s very popular in Chinese households.


Baked Hoisin Sauce Chicken Wings

Delicious baked chicken wings marinade in Hoisin sauce. This is a very simple chicken wing recipe.


Beggar’s Chicken

Traditionally Chinese chefs wrap the chicken with lotus leaves and sear it in clay and baked it for a few hours. Lotus leaves add a special fragrance to the chicken and clay will sear all the flavours and juices in the chicken.

This is an easy version of Beggar’s chicken. No clay and lotus leaves needed for this recipe.


Bok Choy Chicken Stir-fry in Garlic Sauce

Simple stir-fry chicken recipe with bok choy. This is an ideal recipe for a busy week night.


Bang Bang Chicken

A Classic Sichuan dish. Poached and shredded chicken with delicious sesame sauce. This is a dish full of flavours and served cold. It’s a little bit like Chinese style Chicken salad.


Bourbon Chicken

Classic “when west meets east” dish. This dish is deep fried battered chicken coated with delicious bourbon whisky sauce.


Cashew Chicken

Stir-fry chicken with cashews and vegetable. You can use plain cashews or deep fried sweet cashews, whichever you prefer. You can also swap the cashews to walnuts if you like.


Chengdu Chicken

Delicious Sichuan style stir-fry chicken recipe.


Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

Stir fried chicken in black bean sauce. You can use the meat of the chicken thighs or chicken breast. This dish is ideally served with hot plain rice.


Chicken in Rice

Chicken, spring onions and dried shiitake mushrooms cooked with rice so the rice is full of flavour from all the ingredients. This is a healthy one-dish meal.


Chicken Lo Mein

Lo Mein is a very popular Chinese dish throughout the world. The recipes vary but here is one of the classic chicken lo mein recipes.


Chicken Salad with Rice Sticks

Roast chicken salad with delicious orange and sesame dressing. This is a salad dish perfect for the summer.


Cantonese Steamed Chicken

Simple to make classic Cantonese steamed chicken recipe. The wood ear adds an earthy flavour to this delicious dish.


Stir-fry chicken with black bean sauce and cashew.


The final result of the chicken from this recipe should be as smooth as velvet and that’s where this dish got it’s name from.


Chicken Wings with Oyster Sauce

Chicken wings marinade in oyster sauce, soy sauce and rice wine. Bake in the oven and serve hot or cold as your wish. This is a very simple and easy dish and you can make it in large quantities.


Chicken with Almonds

Similar dish as cashew chicken and you can decide what kind of vegetable you want to use for this dish.


Chicken with Green and Red Peppers

Stir fry chicken with green and red peppers. You can also use different colour peppers or other vegetables.


Stir-fry Chicken with Broccoli

Delicious stir-fry chicken with broccoli recipe. Another quick, easy and healthy dish.


Stir-fry chicken with walnuts. This dish is similar to cashew chicken but uses walnuts instead.


Chicken Wontons


Deep fried Wontons with chicken and peanut butter filling.


Chinese Cold Chicken (Red cooked chicken)


This recipe is from a reader whose Cantonese father used to make it.


Lemon chicken but serve it cold rather than hot.


Curry Chicken with Potato

Chinese take away style curry with potato


Curry Chicken with Rice


Chinese take away style curry serve with rice


A classic Chinese starter chicken dish in banquet. This is a dish full of  shaoxing wine fragrance and juicy chicken.


Easy Chinese Crockpot Chicken

A delicious and easy chicken recipe that’s cooked in Chinese crockpots.


Five-spice chicken

Chicken breast marinade in soy sauce and Chinese five spice powder and roasted in the oven.


Garlic Chicken

Classic Chinese stir-fry chicken recipe.


Similar like the garlic chicken recipe.


General Tso’s Chicken

A classic and delicious Chinese chicken recipe. It’s so popular people even made a documentary film just for this dish.


Ginger Chicken

Chicken marinade in ginger sauce and grilled or boiled to finish.


Looking for a way to use up your leftover chicken? This is a recipe you are looking for.


Kung Pao chicken

This recipe is spicy, delicious and full of flavour. If you like to eat hot and spicy food this is definitely a dish to go for.


Leftover Chicken with Red and Green Peppers

Another recipe to help you to use up the leftover chicken in a Chinese recipe twist.


Lemon Chicken

Stir-fry chicken with lemon sauce.


Steamed Lemon Chicken

Lemon chicken but cooked in steam method.


Mah Gu Gai Pin (Moo Goo Gai Pan)

Fresh mushrooms cooked with sliced chicken. 


Mongolian Chicken

Ideal chicken dish to serve with steamed green vegetable and thick fresh noodles.


Moo Goo Gai Pan

A popular restaurant dish. This dish has different ways to prepare and cook. This recipe is just way to make it.


Stir fry chicken with mushrooms, snow peas and bamboo shoots.


Orange Chicken


Stir-fry chicken in sweet and sour orange sauce.


Orange Chicken with red chilies

Delicious Sichuan style stir-fry chicken in orange sauce and chili. This dish is full of flavour.


Oyster Sauce Chicken (Stir-fry)

Stir-fry chicken with oyster sauce and vegetables.


Easy Oyster Sauce Chicken

Easy and simple recipe for stir-fry chicken with oyster sauce and vegetables.


Paper-wrapped Chicken

Chicken wrapped with cellophane paper, parchment paper or aluminum foil and deep fried to finish.


Pineapple chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Stir-fry pineapple chicken with sweet and sour sauce and vegetable.


Red-Cooked Chicken

Delicious soy sauce braised chicken recipe.


Hot and spicy stir-fry chicken recipe in Chengdu style.


Sesame Chicken

Deep-fried chicken coated with delicious sauce and toasted white sesame.


Soy Sauce Chicken with Shiitake Mushrooms

Delicious chicken recipe with sauce and dried shiitake mushrooms.


Baked chicken wings coated with salt and ground black pepper. Simple and delicious recipe and this is also a reader’s favourite recipe.


Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken

Delicious red cooking chicken recipe. Chicken simmered in soy sauce-based liquid with seasonings.


Stir-fried Chicken with Mango

Stir-fried chicken with juicy mango and pecan.


Strawberry Chicken Stir-fry

Another interesting way to enjoy strawberries in season with this chicken stir-fry recipe.


Sweet and Sour Chicken

A classic chicken recipe. Deep-fried chicken cubes coated with delicious sweet and sour sauce.


Sweet and Sour Chicken with Lemon

Classic sweet and sour chicken with a lemon twist. Lemon juice gives this dish a citrus fragrance and kick.


Sichuan Style Chicken

This dish is named Sichuan style chicken but the hot and spicy flavours actually come from Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper. This is an American culture inspired Chinese dish.


Ultimate chicken Stir-fry

Stir-fry chicken, cashews and water chestnuts.


White Cut Chicken

This is a very popular chicken dish in the East. There are many different ways to cook this dish and here is an easy version recipe for this classic and popular dish.


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