How Are Chinese Masks Used in Feng Shui?

Chinese opera masks
eastphoto / Getty Images

There are many replicas of ancient Chinese masks and, if you look closely, you will see that most ancient cultures on the planet have used the symbology of masks. The energy of the masks created by Native people in North America often has a striking similarity to the masks created by many African tribes, for example. Each mask is, of course, unique and will have many layers of meaning to it—from protection to calling the energy of specific deities.

Let's focus on the feng shui use of Chinese opera masks, as these are the masks that you can find in feng shui cures and traditional Chinese adornments (featured in the photo to the left).

What Is a Chinese Opera Mask?

Chinese opera masks are replicas of the masks that opera performers used in ancient times. As the story goes, the ancient Chinese opera performances were without a stage, thus wearing a bright mask (and a costume) with defined colors and symbols made the character more memorable.

Of course, this is just a very superficial layer of the overall complex meaning of any mask, including the Chinese opera mask. The symbology—or the energy of a mask—is often that of disguise, cover, concealing one's identity. A mask emphasizes a fact we often tend to forget—that things are not as they seem and one should always look deeper for hidden meaning and connections.

The masks are usually very bright, colorful, with an aura of power and implied authority. The colors used in Chinese masks are the bright, primary colors such as red, black, blue, yellow and green, the color choices are very similar to Tibetan prayer flags colors.

Some designs might even look a bit frightening, which again, is a common motif with most world masks. Many masks will have the artistic expression of the yin-yang symbol on the forehead, as well as complex and beautiful design patterns.

How Are Chinese Masks Used in Feng Shui?

Feng shui-wise, a Chinese opera mask can bring an energizing and often powerful presence to an area of your home where such presence is needed. The mask is most often used as a protection, as well as good luck cure. You can often see the energy of Chinese masks combined with the mystic knot for a front door protection charm, or tassel, in red color.

A colorful Chinese mask can also be used as a protection and luck feng shui wall decor close to the main door. Of course, there is a lot of creativity with using this symbol, so today you can also buy Chinese opera masks as keychains or pendants (protective energy on-the-go!)

To decide if you need a Chinese mask or not in the feng shui of your home, ask yourself if this protective and good luck energy can be expressed in any other way. Can you find art or other decor items that will have similar energy? When it comes to this cure, it does not really matter which school of feng shui you practice, traditional or BTB. What matters is your connection to this symbolic energy and how well it fits with the overall look and feel of your home.​