Chinese New Year

Children at Chinese New Year, San Francisco, California, USA.
Billy Hustace/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Use these ideas to help you celebrate Chinese New Year, the start of the Year of the Snake, on February 10th in 2013. Check out my page for this special day and find ideas for crafts, games, and other activities.

Crafts to Make:

  • Here are some more Chinese New Year Crafts.
  • Make one or more snake crafts.
  • Try some of these Chinese New Year printable projects.

Other Things To Do:

  • Check out all these Chinese New Year Books.
  • This page has a lot info regarding Chinese New Year.
  • Learn about some taboos and superstitions regarding Chinese New Year.
  • Check out this page to find your Chinese animal sign.
  • Learn more about the Chinese calendar and print out calendar pages.
  • Try some traditional Chinese New Year foods

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