Chinese New Year Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Kids can improve their spelling as well as learn new words with these easy to challenging word search puzzles spotlighting the Chinese New Year, celebrated each year on the new moon of the first lunar month.

Chinese New Year Word Search Printables

For offline solving, we have a selection of word search worksheets to print and solve. The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging.

  • Chinese New Year Word Search - Ten words related to the holiday are hidden in a small grid. Good for beginners.
  • Chinese Horoscope Word Search - The names of the twelve animals representing the zodiac signs of the Chinese horoscope are featured in this word puzzle. Though the words to find are fairly short, they are hidden in a medium-sized grid of letters, making this game better suited to elementary level students.
  • Chinese New Year Word Search - This puzzle of medium difficulty features twelve words associated with this annual celebration.
  • Chinese New Year Word Search - On this page, you'll find a word search consisting of 15 themed entries associated with the Lunar New Year as well as a cryptogram, scrambled letter tiles and other word games.
  • Chinese Zodiac Word Search - Probably the most challenging game in this section, this game features only 12 words, but they are hidden in a large jumble of letters.

Online Word Search Puzzles for the Chinese New Year

  • Chinese Culture Word Search - This online word search game features eight words selected at random from a list of words related to Chinese Culture.

Children and second language learners can learn and practice new vocabulary in an entertaining way with these easy to challenging crossword puzzles celebrating Chinese culture and the annual, 15 day New Year festival.

Chinese New Year Crosswords to Play Online or Print

These themed crossword puzzles use the freeform format and are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging. Unless indicated otherwise, they are print only.

  • Chinese New Year Crossword Puzzle Worksheet - Here's an easy crossword game with which to test your knowledge of the Chinese New Year celebration. The puzzle uses nine themed entries in a freeform grid and features cute artwork depicting symbols of the Chinese New Year. The solution appears upside-down on the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Chinese New Year - Crossword Puzzle - This easy interactive crossword game has 10 themed entries, most of them fairly short. There's a hint feature if you get stuck. Play online.
  • Chinese New Year Criss-Cross - Two themed crossword games are featured here; an easy crossword game using nine words in a freeform grid as well as a more challenging puzzle with 14 entries.
  • Chinese New Years Crossword - This freeform-style crossword puzzle features 19 themed entries, some of which are fairly long. The list of words that appear in the puzzle is provided as a solving aid. A good choice for elementary level students.
  • Chinese New Year - In this crossword puzzle, the word is already given. The challenge is to figure out where to place it in the grid. The puzzle uses a list of 23 words and the solution is provided.
  • Chinese New Year Crossword - This challenging crossword game featuring 34 themed entries is better suited to adults. With a large number of vocabulary words, this puzzle is a good choice for ESL students to practice their Chinese New Year vocabulary. Solution provided.

These free jigsaw puzzles all have themes related to the country of China, the animals that inhabit it, cultural celebrations such as the Chinese New Year and scenic vistas.

Chinese New Year Jigsaw Puzzles

Chinese New Year Jigsaw Puzzles to Print
The twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac are featured in these printable jigsaw puzzles. Use one of the cutting guides to create your own custom jigsaw puzzle.

Chinese Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle
This easy, 28-piece jigsaw game features a fierce-looking, but colorful parade float.

Chinese Dragon Drag and Drop Puzzle
Easy online puzzle game from

Chinese New Year Mask Jigsaw Puzzle
Easy jigsaw puzzle from

Chinese New Year Jigsaw Puzzle
This JigZone puzzle has 48 pieces, but can be adapted from 6 to 247 pieces.

Panda Jigsaw Puzzle (30 pcs)
This 30-piece jigsaw game features one of China's most famous inhabitants.

Panda Jigsaw Puzzle (40 pcs)
A slightly more difficult jigsaw game to puzzle through.

Tiger Jigsaw Puzzle (35 pcs)
One of the animals featured in the Chinese horoscope sits prettily while you piece him together.

Children will enjoy finding their way through the themed labyrinth puzzles or testing their knowledge of fun facts related to the Chinese New Year. We also show you where to find spot-the-difference games featuring various symbols associated with the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Maze Puzzles

Maze puzzles are a great activity to help children develop strategic planning and problem solving skills. Below, you'll find a couple of printable maze activities for young puzzlers.

Chinese Maze Puzzle
Help the rat find his way to the temple in this print-friendly maze game.

Chinese New Year Maze Game
In this maze puzzle, students help the Chinese children navigate their way to the lucky red envelopes.

Chinese New Year Quiz Games

Chinese New Year Quiz
From the BBC, an easy, five-question quiz with some interesting Chinese New Year facts.

Chinese New Year Quiz
Test your knowledge of Chinese New Year beliefs and traditions with this 10-question trivia quiz.

Chinese New Year Spot the Differences

These printable spot-the-difference puzzles are an excellent way for children to test and develop their observation skills.

Chinese Scene Spot the Difference
The challenge is to find the differences between the two sketches of a Chinese scene. Unfortunately, there's nothing to indicated how many differences you're supposed to find and there's no solution to the puzzle.

Chinese New Year Spot the Difference
This very easy spot-the-difference game is perfect for preschoolers and primary school students. However, you need to register (it's free) to download and print the game.

Chinese Dragon Spot the Difference
This page offers two easy spot-the-difference games where you'll need to find the five differences between the two dragon images.

Young children just learning their numbers can practice them with these easy themed connect-the-dot games, while older ones with a good knowledge of their ABCs can try rearranging the jumbled letters to form words related to the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Dot-to-Dots

Here, you'll find printable dot-to-dot games ranging in difficulty from very easy to fairly challenging.

Chinese New Year Dot-to-Dot Puzzle (to 16)
Help the dragon "save face" in this printable connect-the-dots game.

Chinese New Year Dot To Dots
Activity Village has several connect-the-dot puzzles with themes related to the Chinese New Year, such as Chinese lanterns, Chinese fans, red packets and some of the animals represented in the Chinese zodiac. Most of these are quite easy, but there's also a more difficult puzzle for older kids that goes up to 105.

Chinese New Year Dot to Dot Game
Connect the 40 dots to arrive at a picture of one of the animals that make up the Chinese zodiac.

Chinese New Year Dot to Dot Game
In this easy counting game, you need to connect the 29 dots to form a picture of a common Chinese decorative item.

Chinese New Year Word Scrambles

To solve these easy anagram games, you must rearrange the letters to form a word or phrase related to the Chinese New Year celebration.

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac Word Scramble
The names of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac are featured in this printable anagram game.

Chinese New Year Word Jumble
Unscramble the 20 themed entries in this free anagram game. Play it online or print and solve on paper. The list of words is provided on the bottom of the sheet and the solution is also available.

Chinese New Year Word Scramble
This interactive game features a short word list of some of the animals featured in the Chinese zodiac.

Chinese New Year Word Scramble
This site allows you to create your own printable word scramble worksheet. You can use the predetermined word list or modify it to your own taste.

Miscellaneous Chinese New Year Games

The tangram is a dissection puzzle originally invented in China at some point in the distant past. To play the game, you need to arrange the seven geometric shapes (Tans) so that they match the different figures shown in the illustration. Some are very simple to solve, but other shapes can be frustratingly elusive. This online version of the game has three difficulty levels and is accessible to both children and adults.

Chinese Zodiac Concentration
Here's a fun little game to exercise your memory. See if you can pair together the animals from the Chinese Zodiac in this interactive puzzle game.

I hope you and your children have enjoyed these free puzzles and games celebrating the Chinese New Year and the various traditions associated with it. Here's wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Free Chinese New Year Puzzles for Kids
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