Color Crush: 5 New Color Palettes For Chocolate Brown

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Almost everyone loves chocolate. Whether it's sinfully sweet milk or rich, healthy, dark, chocolate is just one of those things that you're never unhappy with. But it's not just great for the taste buds. Chocolate brown can be a great color to bring into your home decor. A deep, moody, yet neutral shade, chocolate brown has been around so long in decor that it can seem a little outmoded. But this tasty color is far more versatile than we tend to think, and it's making a comeback in an intriguing range of new and unexpected combinations.

This pairing brings up all sorts of interesting questions. Is the brown warming up the blue, or is the blue popping off of the neutral brown? Either way, the result is surprisingly cool. Beyond the color scheme, the key to keeping this look modern is in the furniture and accessories. The clean lines give the room a sleek and contemporary look accented by the unique color palette.

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    Brown & White

    Color Crush: 5 New Color Palettes For Chocolate Brown
    A pop of chocolate The D Pages

    Any color can pop in an all-white room, but chocolate brown does it with style. Again, this room shows how this particular shade of brown can raise the temperature in a room full of cool colors, but there's more. Using a dark neutral to add color to a (nearly) all-white palette allows you to enrich the color story without losing the clean effect of the monochrome room. So when you want to add a little color to a white room while keeping the pristine serenity of the stark palette, chocolate brown may just be the perfect solution.

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    Brown & Metallics

    Color Crush: 5 New Color Palettes For Chocolate Brown
    The gilded age of chocolate La Dolce Vita Blog

    Metallics are a great addition to any room with a largely brown color palette. Chocolate brown acts as a neutral when it's used in large color blocks. The metallic shades break up the color while warming up the neutral look of the brown. Most importantly, metallics can update a brown interior, making it look much more on-trend. So if brown walls were a decision you made a while ago and you would like to update without having to repaint, think metallics.

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    Brown & Green

    Color Crush: 5 New Color Palettes For Chocolate Brown
    Chocolate and hues of green: of the earth yet out of this world The Design Chaser

    This is one of the more eye-catching of brown's new partnerships. Brown and green may seem like an obvious choice, given that trees have been doing it forever, but mixing them as paint colors on your walls is certainly a new direction. Surprisingly chic and unexpectedly sophisticated, this is a colorful combination to consider for your next upscale room remodel. Also, note the small metallic pops in the desk chair and accessories.

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    Brown & Black

    Color Crush: 5 New Color Palettes For Chocolate Brown
    Brown and black: a sleek approach Hemlangtan

    Brown and black might seem like an excessively dark and heavy color palette. But with furniture in lighter neutral shades breaking things up, the two combine to create a very serene and stylish backdrop. When trying this one at home, use accessories to blend different shades of the two colors to create a deeper visual experience.