5 Granite Countertop Color Options for Your Kitchen

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A kitchen with granite countertops can offer a high return on the investment when it comes time to sell. It is no secret that homebuyers focus on the kitchen, and many are perfectly willing to shell out extra cash for homes with remodeled kitchens that use quality materials, such as granite. When choosing a granite countertop color, there are many more options beyond the common browns, grays, and tans. You can go simple with a black or white countertop or spice things up with a colorful granite.

Here are five of our favorite granite countertop colors.

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    Black Granite Countertops: Sleek and Elegant

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    If you want your kitchen to look elegant, install black granite countertops. Pair them with wood cabinets for a classic look, or match them with white or gray cabinets for a more sleek and modern feel.

    Because they will darken the space, black countertops are best suited for rooms with large windows that bring in a lot of natural light. If your kitchen doesn't get that much light but you still want black granite, opt for white or light wood cabinets to keep the room feeling open and bright. Plus, black granite often has silver specks in it that will give you a little bit of light reflection in the space.

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    White Granite Countertops: A Modern Touch

    Modern white kitchen with large island and stainless steel appliances.
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    White granite countertops promote a fresh, clean, open feel in the kitchen. They are excellent for creating a modern look, especially when paired with stainless steel appliances and sleek white cabinets. But white granite also can look great with vintage appliances for a classic vibe.

    Overall, white granite countertops are very versatile and can fit with most decor styles. However, make sure you pay attention to the shade of the granite. Pure white granite is hard to find, as most stone contains colored flecks. If possible, take a sample home with you before purchasing to make sure its hues match with everything else in your kitchen.

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    Red Granite Kitchen Countertops: A Bold Choice

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    Red granite has a rich history. It can be found in ancient Egyptian pyramids and was used by Egyptians for building and decoration. Plus, it comes in many shades and patterns, ranging from bright pinkish-red to deep burgundy. Some red granites also have blue, white, or silver highlights.

    Install red granite as the bold focal point of your kitchen. Keep other finishes neutral to prevent the space from feeling overwhelming. Opt for wood cabinetry in warm tones to complement the red color. And use red accents, such as in the backsplash tile, to tie the space together.

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    Green Granite: Beautiful in Traditional Homes

    green granite kitchen countertops with dark brown cabinets
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    Because green is closely associated with nature, green granite can bring a natural and calming feel to a kitchen. Green granite typically has brown and gray undertones. You'll also often find interesting flecks, swirls, and patterns in it.

    Green granite countertops can work well with white cabinets and shiny hardware for a fresh, inviting look. They also pair nicely with wood cabinetry, especially if the wood color has some cooler tones to complement the shade of green. Make sure to take home a sample of granite before committing, as different lighting can bring out different tones in the green. For instance, something you thought was a gray-green in the store might turn out to be more of a pea green once you get it under your kitchen lighting.

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    Blue Granite: A Versatile Countertop

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    Valued for the beauty of its patterns, blue granite doesn't disappoint. Its patterns are divided into two categories: homogeneous and veined. Homogenous means the granite's minerals are evenly distributed to create a uniform pattern while veined means the minerals form swirls in the stone.

    Most blue granites have blue and black bases. But some have gray, white, and brown bases. Their overall appearance can range from a navy blue that almost looks black to a light silvery blue. Such a color range allows blue granite to pair well with many cabinet colors. For example, a light blue-gray can look stunning with white cabinets in a contemporary or farmhouse-style kitchen.