Top 12 Bach Flower Remedies for Pets

Top Bach Flower Essences for Pets and What They Do

Bach Flower Remedies were designed for people, but holistic veterinarians have used them for more than 50 years. Pets are not people, though. We don’t know if they share the same emotions. Even though we may think cats feel similar emotional states, ascribing human emotions to them can cause problems if we guess wrong.

Since the 38 Bach Flower Remedies are harmless, choosing wrong won’t hurt your cat. It’s worth a “best guess” when picking the right remedy may be of great help. Purchasing all 38...MORE essences can be quite expensive, though. Here are the top veterinary recommendations and what they treat.

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    Fear of the unknown. These cats become nervous for no obvious reason. Separation anxiety often seems responsive to this essence.

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    Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose helps cats with terror, panic, phobia. Feral cats being handled by people and transitioned into homes are prime candidates.

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    Mental or physical shock. Helpful for cats that act withdrawn having lost their home or a family member, or that lose urine/bowel control due to emotional upset. Bach essence Star of Bethlehem can help with separation anxiety.

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    Intolerance. For the cat that complains loudly. Typically these cats only tolerate their owners, and dislike strange people and pets. Bach Flower Essence Beech is helpful during introductions of new cats, and helps reduce territorial aggression issues.

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    Excessive submission. Bach Flower Essence Centuary helps the timid cat who get picked on by the other cats and won’t take up for herself.

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    Lack of confidence, cowering fear. Larch can be particularly helpful for abused cats.

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    Over-enthusiasm. Bach Flower Essences Vervain helps the high strung, intense, hyperactive cat with nervous energy that paces, or seeks to escape.

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    Dominance or aggression. Vine is helpful with “thinking” cats who want their own way. May be appropriate for the “bully cat” who wants to control interaction and indulges in petting aggression behaviors.

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    Water Violet

    Aloofness. Bach Water Violet is particularly helpful for cats who seek solitude when ill, and become antisocial or retreat from the world emotionally during grief.

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    Resentment. Willow may be helpful for cats who appear to show displeasure by urinating inappropriately.

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    Fear of the known. Bach Flower Essences Mimulus is helpful for fearful cats with a specific identifiable fear, such as cats that hide when visitors arrive, or react in fear to a particular noise or animal.

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    Mental or physical trauma. Rescue Remedy is a five-flower combination “emergency” remedy that contains Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, and Clematis. It's appropriate for any sudden emotional upset or physical injury.